About ProbioticSmart.com

ProbioticSmart.com is a new, pet based, customer-focused online retailer.  ProbioticSmart.com takes customer satisfaction to a new level, creating a direct connection with our end users and providing them with high-quality natural products that keeps their pets healthy through proper nutrition and proper digestive balance.

ProbioticSmart.com was started to forge a stronger connection with pet parents and to offer them a convenient, economical way of finding trusted products and expert advice from the comfort of their homes.

Blog Authors & Editors

The ProbioticSmart.com Blog is authored/edited by:

  • Vasu Sasidharan - Content Devolopment
  •  Liz Loock - Customer Service


ProbioticSmart.com is our information-based community site.  It is a place where pet lovers can ask questions, share stories, and learn from one another.  Our trusted experts will listen and share their knowledge of Pet health and nutrition around the globe.  Plus, our experts will use customer input to help research, develop, and deliver improved Pet health and nutrition solutions.  Working together as a community, we can all take part in restoring and maintaining our Pet's health.

ProbioticSmart.com  is our pet-focused health and nutrition store for dogs, cats, birds, horses and small animals.  Although many of the products contain probiotics, there is also a wide variety of healthy foods, treats, and supplements.

What makes us different?

We are closely connected with the consumer, and we're confident that ProbioticSmart.com will strengthen that connection. We are a base manufacturer, leaders in research and development, but we work with and for the customer.

Staying close to our customers ensures that we understand their needs and respond with effective solutions. We respond quickly because, we're a smart team small enough to be flexible and don't have a bureaucracy to slow us down. As a result, our customers know we're a company that listens to them and delivers products to meet their needs.

Secrets of our Success

We're successful for four reasons.

  • Products. We develop and manufacture top-quality products.
  • People. We have a great team here- experts dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Partners. We have the best partners in the industry, including Chr. Hansen, the world's top producer of probiotic cultures and supplier to 90% of the world's yogurt industry and over 80% of the world's cheese producers.
  • Our product, people, and partners bring us the true secret of our success: loyal customers.

Why you can shop our sites with confidence

Every member of our team takes great pride in producing top-quality products that pet parents trust. Our experts even research those products that we don't manufacture ourselves, ensuring that they offer the highest quality for the best value.

Our personal commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of our reputation and has enabled us to gain loyal customers in the U.S. and nearly 30 other countries. But if our personal commitment isn't enough, customers can take comfort in the knowledge that our Wisconsin-based manufacturing plant is regularly inspected. Our plant and manufacturing processes are also certified by the International Standards Organization to be ISO9001 compliant.

On the individual level, each member of our research and development team has an extensive scientific background, and each member of our process and quality team receives exhaustive training and acquires a thorough understanding of process control and quality. Plus, every member of our organization is empowered to stop the manufacturing process if they think something falls short of our high standards.

Our reputation depends on our customers, and our customers depend on us. That's why we deliver a superior product, every time. That's also why we stand behind each product we ship with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Where ProbioticSmart.com is heading

We plan to ensure that customers who join us on our site are confident they're coming to a company that is truly dedicated to Pet health and Pet nutrition. We also plan to establish two-way communication with our new customers and build a community dedicated to improving your pet’s health. We expect to get constant feedback from our customers and, based on that feedback, continue to define, refine, and develop superior products for many, many years. Customers should feel confident that we're a company that listens to them, that develops the best pet products on the market, and that stands behind everything we do.