April 2013's Featured Organization is
GO Boxer Rescue



"Dogs have given us their absolute all.
We are the center of their universe. 
We are the focus of their
love and faith and trust. 
They serve us in return for scraps. 
It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made." 

- Roger Caras, President of ASPCA 



About GO Boxer Rescue

GO Boxer Rescue is a non-profit Foster Home-based organization that serves Ohio and bordering areas. This organization acts as a placement program to foster Boxers in need and eventually find them forever homes. Currently, GOBR has 12 Boxers being evaluated in foster homes and being conditioned for adoption.

This rescue is also dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership through their application process and pet ownership preparation. They are committed to helping owners with any issues they may be experiencing in order to ensure a safe and happy existence for both Boxer and family. 

Digestive upset, which oftentimes manifests in bouts of diarrhea, is a common problem for so many dogs, especially dogs that experience stressful living situations such as being homeless and entering shelter and rescue situations; senior dogs are also more likely to have digestive troubles. You can help the Boxers being cared for by GO Boxer Rescue today. When you donate $3 the rescue will receive a bottle of IntelliFlora which retails at $14.99. IntelliFlora is a nutritional supplement especially designed for the dietary management of dogs with diarrhea; it has been proven to promote intestinal health as well as healthy immune system functioning.

GO Boxer Outreach


Co-founders Delmar Robinson and Rachel Osborn met in 1995. Both had a history with raising Boxers and a soft spot in their hearts for the breed, so they dedicated their time to helping Boxers who need new homes. 

Go Boxer Rescue’s mission since then has been to find forever homes for Boxers. The rescue assesses the health and temperament of each dog, and provides medical care and training as needed.

Learn more about GO Boxer Rescue, the Outreach Program and IntelliFlora on our April Outreach blog page.