There are a plethora of dog breeds to choose from if you are thinking about bringing a furry member into your family.  This decision of what kind of dog to get becomes more complex if you have kids in the home, you want to keep them safe and make sure your dog can become a part of the family.  Plenty of dogs work out with kids, but here is a list we compiled of 10 known dog breeds that are good with kids.

1)    Golden Retrievers. 
This dog breed is known to be kind, smart and loyal.  They are never aggressive, nor are they shy, so they’re the perfect happy medium for children.  Golden retrievers love to play which is good because they need a significant amount of exercise. 

2)    Labrador Retriever. 
They are a little bigger and more playful than golden retrievers, but they are protective, patient and reliable.  Labs are also very intelligent and patient, just like golden retrievers.  There isn’t much of a difference between both of the retrievers but it’s up to your family as to which would work the best.

3)    Poodle.
The amount of shedding a dog does is often something families consider before adopting a dog.  If you would like a dog that sheds very little, then a poodle is perfect for you.  They do require regular grooming, though.  Poodles are also very smart and gentle.

4)    Irish Setter. 
These dogs are considered “people dogs.”  They are perfect for energetic children because of their high energy level and playful demeanor. 

5)    Vizsla. 
Not many people have heard of vizslas, but they’re actually a great dog breed for kids.  They are gentle, loyal, affectionate and quiet—perfect for children who may become scared easily.  Vizslas also have the ability to be very obedient, confident and smart.

6)    Newfoundland.
This is a VERY big dog breed, but they love children and become protective of them.  They are gentle, kind and patient.  Newfoundlands are perfect for children who want a best friend to cuddle up with.

7)    Collie. 
Collies are kind, dependable and easy to train.  Although they were bred for herding, they get along great with kids.

8)    Bull Terrier. 
The bull terrier is extremely playful and affectionate.  They were bred to be a companion dog for all ages and will protect their owners no matter what.

9)    Beagle.  This dog breed is active, clever and cheerful.  They get along with all kinds of people as well as other pets.  They’re known to be barkers, but this can be changed through some training.

10)    Bulldog.  This may seem like an odd recommendation, but bull dogs have a sturdy build—perfect for kids who play a little roughly.  They are comfortable no matter where they are, but do not possess as much energy as the other dogs listed. 

There you have it, 10 great dog breeds that are good with kids! So how do you choose?  You must figure out which breed fits the best with your lifestyle.  You should do plenty of research beforehand so you know what to expect.  Keep in mind that small dogs may “seem” like the easiest for children to adapt to because of their size, however, they usually aren’t the best choice when it comes to kids as they tend to be a bit more high strung.

Visit your local animal shelter or rescue and definitely first consider the option to adopt a shelter dog. Shelters need people like you to adopt their dogs so they can continue to provide shelter to the hundreds more that will come through their doors each year.



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