Dogs have a need for a good quality of life, just like we do!  Unfortunately, they depend almost completely on their owners, so the quality of his/her life is in your hands.  Here is a list of 10 ways to help increase your dog's health and happiness... and ultimately lead to a better quality life.

1)    Make Sure Your Dog Spends Time Inside and Outside.
Dogs get bored and lonely too.  It is known that many people keep their dogs outside at all times, whether it is because of their size or amount of shedding.  However, if your dog is limited to hanging out in one spot (the backyard, kennel, inside the house) his life is likely to get boring.  He needs space to run around and do what dogs do, but he also needs to socialize and spend time with his owners and/or other animals. Head over to your local dog park...  but first make sure you grab some dog park etiquette tips!

2)    Provide Healthy Supplements.
There are vitamins, minerals and supplements available for every domesticated animal, and for the various stages of their life. If your dog is elderly, an aging support for senior dogs supplment would be so good for him.

3)    Go on Walks! 
Exercise is a necessity for dogs and humans, so you will even be doing yourself some good.  Dogs love to see new things and smell new smells which is exactly what happens when you bring them on walks.  It even gives them an opportunity to socialize with other dogs, something good for their well being. Start a pet exercise plan and increase your dog’s longevity and overall happiness.

4)    Protect from Fleas, Ticks and Worms. 
Fleas, ticks and worms are some of the most common pests that infect dogs.  They can cause problems with the skin and even some organs if worms aren’t treated.  It is easy to prevent fleas, ticks and worms from attacking your dog—most grocery and pet stores carry treatments.  Your veterinarian can recommend what treatments or prevention creams would be the best for your dog.

5)    Give Him/Her Something To Play With. 

Whether you provide them with toys or rawhides, they will enjoy just about anything that they can play with or chew on. 

6)    Provide Healthy Food and Fresh Water. 
This might seem like a given, but some owners don’t live up to these circumstances.  They might not have the money or time to feed their pet every day, or the ability to feed them healthy dog food. The food your pet takes directly affects his  health in a major way.  

7)    Spay or Neuter. 
Dogs that aren’t spayed or neutered have an instinct to run away and find a mate.  It can also lead to a few health problems.  So if you aren’t planning on intentionally breeding your dog, it would be best to spay or neuter him/her. 

8)    Keep Your Dog Tidy.
Dog grooming is essential if you want your dog to be comfortable.  Dogs with hairy coats are likely to have mats, which aren’t fun for anyone to deal with.  Dogs that are groomed can move, see and hear more comfortably. Get some dog grooming tips and help your dog remain comfy in their coat and skin!

9)    Provide a Doggy Bed. 

All dogs like having a comfortable place to sleep.  If you don’t want to spend the money to buy a fancy one, you can make one yourself!

10)    Take Regular Trips to the Vet. 
Even if nothing seems to be wrong, regular veterinary visits are essential for your dog’s health.  Just because there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong doesn’t mean there isn’t—this sounds harsh but it’s true.  The vet can update your dog’s vaccinations, check for fleas, ear infections and any other conditions that may be a concern.

You can improve your dog’s quality of life by utilizing the above tips. He will be so much happier and healthier for it.



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