Dogs have been known to enjoy eating unpleasant or inedible items, but these pesky pooches have taken it to the limit with the items they consumed:

1) 13 Rocks

A six-month old Labrador puppy who liked to hang out near a fish pond found something that he really liked: rocks.  He stopped eating his food (a very bad sign with young pups) and was taken to the vet.   Diagnosis? Belly full of rocks that had started to work into the intestines. $1,500 in medical bills later the rocks were successfully removed and the lab had a full recovery.

2) Rubber Ducky

Ozzie, a 7-month old Staffordshire Terrier from Cubbington, England got into a fight with another dog over the toy.  He started to lose so he scarfed down the toy. After a quick surgery, Ozzie was back to normal.

3) 10-Inch Toy Arrow

Betty is a bull terrier puppy who eats everything, including a 10.5-inch toy arrow when a door was left open at the family residence. The arrow was almost as long as Betty! Finally,  professionals were  able to be the toy with no troubles, and Betty recovered just fine.

4) Fish (with hook included)

Oscar, a Shih tzu, was on a walk when he spotted a mackerel... and couldn't resist.   He ate the fish- line, hook and sinker! Unfortunately, the hook did its job (again) and was lodged in his throat.  He was then rushed to get help and had the fish and hook removed in only an hour.

5) Homer Simpson

A hungry Dalmatian, Dixie, had a taste for chocolate. When she found a chocolate & plastic egg with a Homer Simpson figurine inside, she wolfed it all down... Doh! After falling ill and losing a lot of weight, Dixie was taken to the vet. Dixie then went through surgery and made a speedy recovery.

6) 2-Foot Long Stick

A Great Dane puppy named Hector was playing in the garden he suddenly lost all of his energy and refused his breakfast in the morning. He was rushed to the vet and they found a two-foot long stick lodged in his throat. The stick was then removed with forceps and Hector made a full recovery.

7) Fork

Apachee, a curious 10 year old Husky, stole a fork from the kitchen sink and swallowed it.  This fork then pierced a vein in his chest and put him at severe risk. He then went through multiple blood transfusions and many surgeries to fix the fork-related damage.  He was expected to make full recovery.

8) 15-Inch Serrated Knife

Kyle was a 6-month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was mighty hungry. He was only 18 inches long (and 18 inches tall) but managed to consume a 15-inch serrated knife. Somehow the knife didn't cut any organs and was able to be safely removed. Kyle then made a full recovery.

9) Magic Fairy Wand

A 5-month old Whippet named Pip kept gulping like she was trying to dislodge something in her throat. Her family noticed this and took her to the vet. A long and narrow fairy wand was found running across her entire frame. In surgery the wand was removed and Pip 'magically' had a full recovery.

10) Engagement Ring

Sax, a Labrador puppy, ate a very important item from his owner's collection.  His owner's son recently passed away and as a form of grievance, Sax gobbled up his owner's engagement ring.   She then had to follow him around to find the ring...

11) Soccer Ball

A Labrador named Bracken loves eating everything he can find.  Even a soccer ball!  His owner took him to the vet when he developed a cough and found a deflated soccer ball lodged near his heart. The surgery was a success and has fully recovered.

12) 130 Nails

Roxy, a Basset Hound was left with a friend and ended up finding a box of nails. The curious Basset then consumed 130 nails and was taken to the vet. She has recovered fully after the surgery and won't be left home alone again anytime soon.

13) Mobile Phone

A Doberman/Great Dane mix, Nero, was sick of his owner not giving him enough attention. He jumped up and nabbed his owner's phone from her hand and swallowed it down. After an operation to remove the phone was successful, the dog is fine. The Nokia phone however was a different story... it had to be put down as it had stopped working.

14) Nine Golf Balls & A Bullet

A Pointer/Bloodhound mix named Bertie, ended up feeling a bit "in the rough" after eating some golf balls. His owner caught him gulping one down, then found 8 others and a bullet from a rifle via an x-ray. The operation was successful and bullet eating Bertie has been expected to recover fully.

15) Bottle Cap, Piece of Basketball, and 15 Baby Pacifiers

A 2-year old English Bulldog, Lulu, really loves pacifiers. Lulu was taken to the vet and 15 pacifiers along with a piece of a Basketball and a bottle cap were found lodged in her belly in a huge mass. If you look closely, in the upper left section of the stomach, you can make out the pacifiers. Lulu made a full recovery post surgery!

16) Toy Dog

Alfie, a spaniel, nabbed a plastic dog from a young girl's doll house and swallowed it down whole.  After ceasing to eat or drink, Alfie's owners went to the vet and were surprised to see the "dog-eat-dog" scenario.  After some surgery to remove the toy, Alfie made a full recovery.

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