Most dogs enjoy the water, especially when the weather is hot. Whether a lake, a pool, or even a puddle, water is an easy way for dogs to cool off and have a blast at the same time. It’s also fun for owners to watch and play with their dogs as they swim; however, there are a few dog water safety tips you should keep in mind if you plan on taking your dog around water.

Swimming Ability

If you’re a new pet owner, you must take into consideration the fact that your dog may not be able to swim… this is dog water safety tip number one; know your dog’s abilities. Never throw your dog into the water or force him to go swimming before you know his swimming capabilities as he may panic or even drown before you are able to react.  Don’t leave your dog unattended in the water if swimming is an unaccustomed exercise as he may tire them easily.  You should be nearby so you can help him get out of the water if he needs it. 

Drinking Water

When enjoying the outdoors you should bring extra water for your dog as well as a portable pet travel bowl.  Bacteria and parasites are common in natural water sources which can result in diarrhea, vomiting and other problem that may require veterinary care. Consider giving a probiotic such as Fortiflora to help manage diarrhea and/or vomiting should you find your dog experiences it after swimming, better yet, give it beforehand to help increase digestive health.  If you own a pool, you should not allow him to drink the water, although it looks clean, it is filled with chemicals that can cause harm to your pet.

Skin Irritations

A few hours after your dog has been in the water, check him for skin irritation or bites.  If you notice any changes in his skin, get him out of the water and take him to the veterinarian.  Always rinse your dog off with fresh water after he has enjoyed a swim to get rid of chemicals or other substances he may have come in contact with.


If you have a boat, did you know that you can purchase specially made life jackets for dogs.  It sounds silly, but it will definitely pay off if your dog decides to jump off or if there is an accident; dog water safety can be made pretty easy with a life jacket!  If this isn’t a concern and your dog is an avid swimmer, just make sure to keep a close eye on him while in route.

Water can be extremely dangerous for pets if caution isn’t taken when they are near it.  Drowning, infections, illnesses and injuries can result if owners aren’t careful.  Follow all of the dog water safety tips above and you and your dog will surely have a more enjoyable time remaining safe and healthy.



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