Many dogs have shared the stage on the big screen over the last 30 years...there's 'Beethoven', 'Buddy' (Air Bud), 'Einstein' (Back to the Future), and 'Hooch' (Turner and Hooch) among many others.  Perhaps the most widely recognized doggy superstar of the past 30 years has been 'Benji'.  Not only is Benji a famous movie star, he also enjoys Probios Dog Treats. There were many Benji films between the mid 70's and early 2000's.  Some of the more recognizable films include the self-titled "Benji" as well as "Benji The Hunted", "Oh Heavenly Dog" and "For The Love of Benji".  Although most people are familiar with Benji and have seen at least one of the Benji films, there's one thing about Benji that many people do not realize.  Did you know that all of the dogs that have played Benji (yes, there have been several) have been adopted from shelters? With the help of Joe Camp (creator and director of Benji films and the proud "pet parent" of Benji), we've managed to assemble 5 epic moments in Benji history.  Each are spectacular, and can be considered to be 'Proof That There's No Limit To What An Adopted Dog Can Do'.  Here are the videos...

Airport Chase - from "For the Love of Benji"

Ransom Note - from "Benji"

Rescue Attempt - from "Benji Off the Leash"

Pheasant Snatch - from "Benji the Hunted"

Slow Motion Love Montage - from "Benji"

All animals (adopted or otherwise) have great potential.  This potential is only limited by the opportunities presented to them.  Please...if you're thinking about getting a cat or dog, check with your local humane society/animal shelter first...there are plenty of wonderful animals with the same potential as Benji just looking for a good home.