Do you find yourself in the fast food line every day at lunch time?  No time to assemble that lunch that you wish you were eating?  Your waistline doesn’t have to suffer because of your hectic schedule.  Here are five tips that will help you stay happy and healthy…who knows, you may even save some money!

1. Kick your day off with a healthy breakfast
You may be thinking “But Josh!  I thought this article was about lunch?”…Don’t worry, it is.  I’ve often found that without a balanced and nutritional breakfast, I am absolutely starving at lunchtime, which makes me even less likely to take the necessary steps to enjoy a healthy, delicious lunch.  Take some time to enjoy a good breakfast.  Making more time in the morning is easy…just set your alarm 10 minutes earlier.

2. Stock up on the good stuff
Think for  a moment about all the tasty and healthy things that you actually like to eat that do not require cooking…these will be the key to your busy lifestyle eating strategy.  Whole grain cereals and breads, fresh fruits and vegetables, lunch meat and yogurt (for the probiotics, of course) are all examples of foods that literally take no time to prepare but can help support a healthy lifestyle.

3. Prepare Too Much Food
While preparing a meal for dinner, cook with the following day in mind.  Cook an extra piece of chicken, fish, or meat and package it for tomorrow’s lunch…you’ll be glad you did (usually around 11am).

4. Hit the Bars
There are many varieties of meal replacement bars on the market…some are good for you and some are not.  Try to choose some that are low in sugar…they’re easy to store in your desk, purse, briefcase, or glovebox.

5. When you need food on the go…
Sometimes you just don’t have time to prepare food for your lunch…it’s okay!  Rather than hitting the closest drive-thru, stop at the closest grocery store.  Most grocery stores have salad bars, deli sandwiches, and mixed veggie and fruit trays.  Quick, easy, and healthy!

Joshua Gore
Director of Online Marketing