Deciding when to exercise is an ongoing battle for most people, especially if you have a busy life (most of us do)!  It’s often difficult to fit a workout in your schedule when you have other priorities.  However, it is known that people often have more success if they workout in the morning.  Yes, this means before work, before school or anything else that you have going on.  It can be hard to get used to, but we promise you’ll be motivated to do it after reading about the benefits of working out in the morning!

1)    You won’t skip. 
Time flies when your work out isn’t done.  It is a common occurrence for people to plan to work out later in the day, but then their busy day throws a curveball leaving you busy until you go to sleep.  If you set that alarm daily and make it a priority to get up and work out, you will be less likely to stick with it and meet your goals.

2)    You will boost your metabolism. 
Not that working out later in the day doesn’t boost your metabolism as well, but working out in the morning will give you that extra calorie burning and metabolism boosting jump start that will last into the day.

3)    You will get used to it. 
It might seem impossible to wake up early every day now, but your body will get used to it.  You have an internal clock that thrives on routine.  If you go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time every day, you will feel less tired as the weeks go on.  Make sure to give yourself a strict bedtime and stick with it—eventually you will actually start looking forward to your work out!

4)    You will sleep better. 
It’s obvious, if you’re waking up earlier, you will become tired earlier making it easier for you to fall and stay asleep.  Exercising close to bedtime stimulates your body, causing you to be restless and alert.  That’s no help when it’s time to wind down for a restful sleep.  Exercise in the morning and you will definitely notice that your sleep patterns change.

5)    You will be more alert during the day. 
Some people say a morning workout is better than coffee.  Sorry to say, but it’s true!  Oxygen (not caffeine) is what your brain needs in the morning to function... and there are some definite negative effects of coffee as well. Reach for your sneakers instead of the coffeepot to increase your mental sharpness throughout your long day.

6)    Your mood will improve. 
Exercise makes you feel good mentally as well as physically, and that feeling can last all day after a morning exercise routine.  You will be less stressed and happier all day long if you get up early to work out. 

7)    You will eat better. 
Morning exercisers are likely to make healthier choices throughout the day.  This is because they focus their attention on the fact that they awoke so early to do something positive for their body; they don’t want to ruin that, so it’s easier for them to resist temptation and indulging. 

Now, not all of the above benefits will ring true for everyone; some people are simply just not meant to wake up early in the morning and will do perfectly fine with an afternoon workout.  However, some individuals just can’t help but to skip exercising and a quick fix is to set your alarm earlier and get it done in the morning.  A quick tip is to start slow and work your way towards more intense morning workouts.  Just try it—you never know, you will probably end up loving your mornings.