Man’s best friend... that furry little beast can also wreak havoc on your delicious shoes! If you’ve got a dog who just loves to chew on everything, you’ve come to the right place! If you want to know how to stop your dog's chewing habit, read on to get seven helpful tips.

1.  Attention
That’s right; simply giving your dog more attention could be the difference between her chewing or not chewing. Dogs often chew because they learn that you respond to them right away when they commit the act. So, a simple way to stop your dog from chewing, spend more (productive) time with her!

2.  Toys
You can help your furry little buddy stop chewing with some alternatives. Many chew toys are available at virtually any store – even grocery stores. Depending on your dog’s preference, they can be a huge hit or a flop. Why not give it a try and see what your pet thinks?

3.  Dog-Proofing
Be sure to dog-proof your entire house. This is a tedious but very effective way to stop your dog from chewing. You can easily remove small objects that can fit in your dog’s mouth, or keep them in hard-to-reach places. Close all closets and cupboards.

4.  Taste
You can use your dog’s taste buds against him or her. Coat her favorite “chew toy” with unpleasant-tasting flavors. Spicy sauces like Tabasco sauce or Cayenne pepper are a good start.  Fooey training spray, a product sold at many stores, can be spayed on whatever it is you want your dog to stop chewing on (walls, furniture, clothes and shoes). Simply point and spray, and repeat until the dog’s behaviors have changed. However, this may not stop your dog’s chewing problem, but instead merely divert her to a new object.

5.  Training
Giving a dog a firm and consistent command such as “no!” or “bad!” in a negative tone and removing the object immediately can hardwire the animal’s brain. With repetition she will learn that what she has done is not a good thing. This is a long-term and effective way to stop your dog from chewing, although it does entail a significant amount of time to be invested in the project.

6.  Exercise
You need exercise and so does your dog. Proper exercise burns off excess energy and frustration, which can divert your dog’s desire to chew on everything. Go out for a jog, play catch, go to a dog park, take a walk on the beach. Whatever your cup of tea, figure it out and get your dog to come along.

Your dog-chewing problem can end today. By following any of these methods, you stop your dog from chewing and enjoy your property-in one piece.