The health benefits of organic food are numerous, however some people are still undecided about whether to purchase organic food or not… and if it actually even matters.  There are health benefits related to purchasing or growing organic food, read on to learn more.

1)    More Nutrients 
Organic products contain more nutrients because they don’t usually need to be transported as far for consumption and aren’t sprayed with pesticides.

2)    No Additives
Some food additives have been linked to certain health problems including heart disease, osteoporosis, migraines and hyperactivity.  Most food additives are also unnatural and not meant to be consumed by humans.  Organic foods do not contain any of these, just ingredients that will provide benefit to your health.

3)    No Pesticides 
Most conventional farms use pesticides to control microorganisms that can be harmful to consume.  However, when consumed in high amounts, pesticides can be toxic to the human body.  Organic foods are not sprayed with pesticides but washing them is very important because of this.

4)    No Genetic Modification 
Organic farmers are not allowed to genetically modify their crops.  Genetically modified foods are derived from genetically modified organisms which have had specific changes to their DNA.  This is a controversial topic that is still being researched but some believe that genetically modified foods are unhealthy and should not be consumed. 

5)    No Drugs
Organic farmers are prohibited from using antibiotics and growth hormones in farm animals. This is a major health benefit of organic food!

6)    High Standards 
Food that is prepared organically comes from farms that are inspected thoroughly and are expected to work in compliance with organic standards.
7)    Good for the Environment 
Organic farming is better for wildlife because it doesn’t use chemicals that can harm the environment.  Pollution levels would be greatly reduced if all farms were organic. 

8)    More Flavorful 
Some say that organic food is more flavorful because it is natural, fresh and devoid of additives, pesticides and hormones.

There are numerous health benefits of organic food, however several ideas about organic products are based on opinion at the moment because research is still being done.  Some people decide not to purchase organic food because it is more expensive, which is true; however, if organic food really does provide all of the supposed benefits, the cost may be worth it. The best way to purchase organic food is from a local farmer, so find one near you!