Many people are unsure if they want to adopt a shelter dog for a variety of reasons.  They may not know where the dog originally came from, what breed they are, what their temperament is or why they were given up in the first place. However, the reasons to adopt a shelter dog far outweigh the reasons not to.

1)    You will save a life. 
It’s awful to think about, but there are so many homeless animals around today that their chances of being euthanized are high.  Also, dogs stuck in cages at shelters are more likely to become depressed. Depression in dogs is real, and the effects can unfortunately be fatal.

2)    Shelters carry many different breeds. 
Some say they are looking for a specific breed of dog, which is why they don’t want to adopt from a shelter.  However, chances are that you will find the breed you want if you look hard enough.  There is a rescue organization for almost every breed so it’s not difficult to find the kind you want.

3)    You will save money. 
The initial cost is usually less for shelter pets.  Buying from a breeder could cost you more than $1,000, depending on the breed.  Also, many older dogs in shelters have already been spayed/neutered and vaccinated as well.  It’s not guaranteed that it will be cheaper because unexpected things can happen, but it will save you money at first.

4)    Shelter dogs have talent, too!
Purebred dogs aren’t the only ones who can compete in dog shows.  Mixed breeds and purebred shelter dogs definitely have the ability to be obedient, learn tricks for show or for fun!

5)    Some health issues are less common. 

Some purebreds are prone to certain illnesses, such as dysplasia.  It is known that these problems may be less likely in mixed-breeds.  However, this all depends on the breed and where the dog originally came from.

6)    You will have more of a selection. 
When you go to the pet store or a breeder, you will most likely be looking at purebred puppies.  At the shelter you’re going to see a variety of breeds, ages and personalities.  Most shelters even have puppies if that’s what you’re looking for.

7)    Training may be easier. 
Many shelter dogs are already trained, so you won’t have to go through housetrianing a puppy and/or kennel training.

8)    You can immediately tell the personality of a dog, for most of them that is. 
If the dog is older than 6 months, his personality will be reasonably clear.  You will most likely be able to see right away how the dog behaves in general. Keep in mind though that shelters are not always the most natural environments to live in, so a dog might be more active or less active than usual, or possibly a bit confused as to why he is there to begin with. Spend some time getting to know the dogs close up.

9)    You don’t have to deal with the puppy stage. 
Raising a puppy can be tough and time consuming… if you prefer adult dogs and don’t want to deal with the messes and training that come with puppies, then deciding to adopt a shelter dog might be the best idea for you.

10)  You will give a dog a family.
Plain and simple, you'll be giving a dog not just a home, but a family. Whether you are a single gal or a family of five, when you bring in a shelter dog, you become his family.

If you’re still debating adopting a shelter dog after reading these tips, it might be beneficial to know that most shelters will take a dog back if it doesn’t work out; the goal of a shelter is to find the best home possible for each dog, so they want the right fit too.





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