Acidosis in cattle can be a serious problem in cattle if it is not treated early. Sometimes acidosis will cure itself it is not a serious case but usually needs to be treated. Losing cattle to acidosis is never a good thing and causes you to loose money. If you know the symptoms of acidosis you can treat it right away and to get your cattle back on the right track.

What is acidosis?
-A metabolic disorder of the rumen
-When the pH levels decrease rapidly when you switch the diets of cattle
-Acidity drops below a pH of 5-6 causing lactic acid to build up in the rumen and causes more lactic acid to be  produced
-Occurs only in cattle that have grain in their diet
-Occurs in feedlot cattle more often but also shows up in feed-tested bulls and heifers and in dairy cattle

Types of acidosis?
-2 types of acidosis:
     1.Acute Acidosis
          -shock and die rapidly
          -wander aimlessly
          -don't get up
          -damage to the rumen lining causing rumenitis
          -inflammation of abomasum and intestines
          -kill villi
             -causing: poor feed efficiency, slow growth, poor weight gain or a drop in milk production
          -suppressed immune system
          -founder leaving the animal permanently lame
          -liver abscesses
          -Thiamine injection is highly recommended
          -This is will reverse the process
          -Baking soda will also work
    2. Subacute Acidosis
          -kicking at their belly
          -eating dirt
          -diarrhea (light colored with sweet/sour odor)
          -Most recover on their own
          -To be safe use the same treatment as above

Prevention of acidosis in cattle?

-Giving buffer can help reduce the risk of getting acidosis
-Only have cattle on grain if it is needed
-Gradually increase amounts of grain so the rumen can adjust
-Always have roughage in the diet
-Always have feed available for animals to eat so they don't over eat

Preventing acidosis is a easy and worth while process to do. If acidosis ends up getting to bad then you will can end up with sick cattle and possible death if not treated right away. Preventing acidosis in cattle is way easier to do.

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