The hardest part of owning a dog is to see him getting old! Luckily we live in an era, where pets like people live longer. Of course this is made possible because of the progress we witness in the fields of nutrition, veterinary care and pet supplements.  However, longevity comes with unique health issues that often worsen with time.   Similar to what we see in people, our senior pets also suffer from many of these health issues listed below:

  1. 1.  Arthritis
  2. 2.  Poor vision
  3. 3.  Poor hearing
  4. 4.  Dental issues
  5. 5.  Weaker heart
  6. 6.  Poor appetite
  7. 7.  Poor digestion
  8. 8.  Low energy level
  9. 9.  Deterioration of skin and coat
  10. 10. Low immunity
  11. 11. Weak metabolism
  12. 12. Obesity

Thanks to today’s diets and supplements, we are able to help our pets lead a quality life during their golden years. There is a PSC soft chew for every ailment listed above.                       

PSCPets Aging Support for Senior Dogs- provides great joint support and vitality to our senior dogs. Let’s see some of its benefits:

  1. 1.  Senior dogs often struggle to climb up the stairs or jump off the couch. They suffer from worn out joint cartilages that give them immense pain and swelling.  The combination of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, available in this product helps to treat arthritis and cartilage degeneration.
  2. 2.  These soft chews have the additional benefit of Perna Mussel and MSM with anti-inflammatory properties that help the senior dogs with their aching knees and joints. 
  3. 3.  The level of energy for a senior dog is rather low, compared to the younger ones, which is why we often find senior dogs mostly resting or showing disinterest in games.  PSC Aging Support Soft chews contain anti-oxidants like Vitamin C & E and ginseng that helps to improve their energy levels and protect your senior pet from free radicals.
  4. 4.  Many senior dogs suffer from weak dental condition and therefore require food and treats that are easily digestible and soft on their palates.  The liver flavor makes this soft chew highly palatable and the semi-moist consistency helps the senior pets with easy chewing so that they can enjoy the taste better.

Senior pets are our long time companions, and they need our love and care now, more than ever.  Show your support today to your senior pet with PSCPets Aging Support for Senior Dogs!