Anemia in piglets can be a serious problem in the swine industry if it's not treated right away. Piglets are born with a  limited amount of iron which requires them to need a iron supplement. When the iron level is low in the piglets blood they are susceptible to disease.

What is anemia?
-When the iron level in the blood rapidly drops since the piglet is not receiving the proper amounts of iron in the sows milk.
-This causes the piglet to be susceptible to diseases.
-Usually occurs between 10-14days of age

What causes anemia in piglets?
-The piglet is born with normal amounts of iron in their blood but it rapidly decreases because the sows milk is low in iron.

Clinical signs of anemia?
-Appear pale from day 7 on up
-Slight jaundice color
-Rapid breathing

Diagnosis of anemia?
-See clinical signs
-Lack of iron supplement
-Low haemoglobin level in the blood

Treatments for anemia in piglets?
-Inject piglets with 200mg of dextran
-Feed oral iron supplements to piglets

Prevention of anemia?
-Give all piglets a iron supplement, either a injection or oral at 3-5 days of age

Making sure that all piglets have received some sort of iron supplement is a very critical part of piglet care. Choosing between giving a iron injection or a oral supplement is up to your operation and which one fits best with your management plan.

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