There are countless benefits of Argan oil. Did you know Argan oil is used in over a hundred personal care items?

Argan oil extracted from the conical nuts of the Moroccan Argan tree is one of the rare gifts Mother Nature has granted us. Similar to olive oil, Argan oil was used originally as a gourmet product added to breads and salads.  When used topically, its rich healing quality has a major impact on skin, hair and joints.  

This nutty flavored Argan oil is considered rare, not only because of its innumerable health benefits, but also because of its unique cultivation and extraction methods. Argan trees grow in harsh environment and hot desert-like conditions. The oil is extracted organically from the kernels of the Argan nuts.  Extraction involves an elaborate, labor-intensive method to dry, roast, press and purify the Argan oil.

Benefits of Argan oil

 • Rich in antioxidants including Vitamin E and Essential fatty acids that directly impact anti-aging and detoxification, and also prevent free radical damage.

• Great skin benefits.  It effectively treats wrinkles, dry-skin and stretch marks. The best part is that the skin absorbs this oil naturally, allowing quick and full nourishment.  This way it reduces itching and relieves dryness or soreness of skin.

• Makes a great accessory to manicures and pedicures!  It heals and conditions dry cuticles and cracked feet.

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• Works effectively on juvenile acne and skin conditions like psoriasis.

• Remarkable anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain, burns and other lesions.

• Works as an excellent massage oil to relieve symptoms of arthritis.  Its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties greatly help the strained joints.

• Argan oil is gaining significance also as a heart-healthy gourmet product! When consumed, it may have heart health benefits.

• Treats dry scalp and encourages natural hair growth.  It moisturizes the scalp, relieving issues like dandruff, and conditions the hair leading to healthy, manageable hair.  Argan oil helps to maintain the pH balance.

Argan OilIf you are a smart consumer looking for natural products to nourish your skin, Argan oil could be your answer. Top to bottom, Argan oil has the power to nourish your scalp, condition your hair, moisturize your cuticles and remove wrinkles and age spots.  In a nutshell, it is a therapeutic spa wrapped in a bottle! Buy Now Food's Argan Oil today!