Bloat in cattle can be a serious health problem. It is more common in the spring and autumn when there is a lot of grass growth.

What is bloat?
-Build up of gas in the rumen
-Gas is naturally produced but escapes when eructation occurs
-Bloat occurs when the eructation process is prevented

Types of bloat in cattle?
-2 types of bloat
    1.Gassy bloat
       -Not very common
       -Caused from an obstruction
       -Can also be caused by when eructation can't occur
       -Only seen in 1-2 animals
   2.Frothy bloat
       -More common
       -Foam develops on the top of the rumen contents which blocks the release of gas
       -More common in the spring and autumn when there is peak grass growth
       -Can be up to 25% of bloat cases

Clinical signs of bloat?
-Distended left abdomen-which is the most obvious sign
-Pain and discomfort
-Death can occur within 15 minutes depending on severity

Diagnosis of bloat?
-Observation of the clinical signs listed above
-Access to lush pasture
-Pass a stomach tube to distinguish between gassy and frothy bloat
-Gas will pass out the tube if it is gassy bloat

Treatment for bloat in cattle?
-Passing a stomach tube is the best treatment for gassy bloat
-After you release all the gas then look for the obstruction
-Trochar can be used but infection is likely to occur
-Anti-foaming agents used for frothy bloat
-Give by a stomach tube
-Remove from pasture and don't graze for 10 days
-Preventing bloat in cattle?
-Prevention is the best way to go
-Management and planning can reduce the amount of bloat in your herd dramatically
-6 preventative measures to take:
     -Avoid using high-risk pastures at high risk times
     -Stagger turnout, feed buffer and keep fiber intake up during times of risk
     -Introduce cattle to high risk pastures slowly
     -Don't start to graze high-risk pastures when they are wet
     -Give anti-foaming agents
     -Remove high-risk animals

Bloat in cattle can be a serious life threatening problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Make sure that you are not grazing high-risk pastures during times of risk. Next time your cattle have frothy bloat try Agrilabs bloat release.

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