Blue Eye Disease in swine can affect swine of all ages. It can be a very serious disease that can have neurological symptoms. Since there is no treatment for this disease keeping your herd healthy from this disease is vital.

What is blue eye disease?
-Caused by the virus Blue-eye paramyxovirus (BEPV). Which is a negative sense single stranded RNA virus.
-Causes nervous, reproductive and respiratory signs in infected pigs.

Clinical signs of blue eye disease?
-Usually pigs suffer anorexia, weight loss, reluctance to move, dehydration, periorbital and conjunctival swelling, purulent/serous ocular discharge and corneal opacity.
-Neurological signs can be seen including tetraparesis, opisthotonus, dysmetria, proprioceptive disorders, tremors, nystagmus mydriasis, blindness, decreased or absent menace response and open mouthed breathing.
-Different age groups have different symptoms:
   -Piglets and weanlings:
     -Hind limb stiffness
     -Muscle fasciculations
     -Retarded growth
     -Changes in hair coat
     -Enlarged bladder
     -Constipation/reduction in feces or diarrhea
     -Embryonic mortality
     -Small liters
     -Mummification in late gestation
     -Lack of libido
     -Orchitis with epidydimitis
     -Swelling of genitals

Treatment for blue eye disease?
-No treatments are available for this disease

Controlling the spread?
-Keep closed herds to help control the spread into the herd
-No vaccine for it
-Wash and disinfect everything in between groups

Keeping your herd under good management practices can help reduce the incidences of getting the blue eye disease. Since there is no vaccine to prevent this disease from happening you need to protect your herd.