When you picked Chester from the animal shelter, you did not ask why his tail was so bushy, why his legs were shorter or why his ears were so pointy…because at that moment, you only cared about the friend waiting in him to bond with you. 

Later, when everyone asked you what kind of a dog Chester was, you probably wanted to find the answers yourself.  If Chester is a mixed breed, then you probably are not alone in seeking the answers behind such a complexity.  With the help of DNA tests, you could find the ancestry of your dog. But who wants to collect his dog’s DNA and send it off to a lab, pay the lab fees and wait weeks for the results?

Wisdom Panels Insights Dog DNA test helps you find the ancestry of your dog accurately and quickly.  It can determine the ancestry of both pure and mixed breeds and designer dogs. (FYI: A designer dog is a true hybrid with purebred parents.)

Why should you use Wisdom Panel Insights testing?

   •   To detect risks early for certain health issues        _______________Buy DNA Kit Now!
        in case of mixed breeds.   
   •   To address certain behavior aspects with professional
        training, such as “why is he so ferocious?” or “why is he
        chewing the furniture all the time?”  
   •   To address obesity issues and determine
        breed-specific causes.
   •   To acquire a pedigree document for your purebred dog.
   •   To certify your designer dog.

How to take the Wisdom Panel Insights test?

   1.  Content: Each test consists of an instruction sheet,
        2 swabs, submission form and a pre-paid envelope.
   2.  Preparation:  Register your dog’s sample online at wisdompanel.com. Fill in details
        such as your sample ID# and owner’s last name.
   3. Sample collection:  Hold the sterile swab without touching/contaminating the
       swab end, and firmly roll and rotate bristles against the inside surface of your dog’s
       cheek for 15 seconds. 
   4. Mail the sample:  Let swab air-dry for 5 min.  Reinsert swab into the protective sleeve
       and mail the sample to the address included. In 2 or 3 weeks, you will receive your
       dog’s ancestry report via email.

Wisdom Panel Insights testing kit is easy to apply and acquire accurate results!  Whether your dog is a pure, designer or a mixed breed, he is your own and that’s what makes him unique.  

As a proud owner of a special dog, you deserve to know and announce to the world his genealogy.  

Test your dog today with the Wisdom Panel Insights testing kit