Standing in the pet food aisle, it only takes a matter of moments to realize that the sheer number of dog food brands, flavors, and types is overwhelming.  Of course you want to choose the food that's right for your dog...usually the main consideration deals with the food's composition (smooth/chunks, beef/lamb, discount/premium, etc.).  A consideration that is often overlooked is kibble size.  Here are a couple of tips on choosing the right size kibble for your K-9 friend.

Choose a Kibble Size that is Proportionate to your Dog

Tiny dogs will have a hard time eating huge pieces of dog food.  Therefore smaller dogs do best with smaller kibble.  Not only is it easier for their teeth to chew and the throats to swallow, it's also easier for their digestive systems to process.  However, you need to know that smaller is not necessarily better...if the kibbles are too small, the dog can actually begin to choke on individual pieces.  A general 'rule of thumb' for small dogs (dogs that are less than 25 lbs in weight) is that the kibble size should be approximately half the size of a kernel of corn.  A great, all-natural dog food that comes in this size kibble is Solid Gold Wee Bits Dog Food.

Representing the opposite end of the spectrum are big dogs who in many ways face many of the same challenges as the smaller dogs.  Although the general 'rule of thumb' for large dogs (dogs that are over 50 lbs in weight) is that the food should have roughly the diameter of a penny.  With larger mouths, this is a much more appropriate choice for larger dogs because then they will not face the possibility of choking because of a piece of food being too small.

Are you thinking to yourself "But my dog is a medium-sized dog...what size food should I buy?"  Although this can be a bit more tricky, don't fear...there is a solution.  You will have to try different sizes and monitor your dog to see how well they are chewing, swallowing, and digesting the food.  In general, just ensure that the dog does not appear to be under any type of distress during any of these functions and everything should be fine.

Dogs that Eat Fast

For "Now You See It, Now You Don't!" dogs, it can be very difficult to make a decision regarding which size kibble to purchase.  When dogs eat in this manner, it can cause a variety of problems for them including constipation and stomach aches.  If this is your dog and you're looking to make life a little easier on them, try mixing the dry kibble (of appropriate size from above) with some wet food.  This will help their digestive system as it's trying to break down the food once it is eaten.