Not all dog foods in the market are well balanced. Often, nutrients are lost during storage and processing, which is why providing nutritional supplements in addition to your dog food is essential.

If your dog is occasionally suffering from abdominal discomfort, vomiting or diarrhea you may want to check your dog’s food to see if it is well-balanced and nutritious, because all the afore mentioned symptoms show a poor digestive system.

Dogs often devour large portions of food at once, which can stress their digestive system.  Eating people’s food, lack of exercise and most importantly an unbalanced diet are reasons for digestive issues.

Benefits of a balanced diet:

  • a.  Overall well being
  • b.  Glossy coat
  • c.  Good energy level and attitude
  • d.  Adequate growth and development in puppies
  • e.  Weight management
  • f.  Reduces shedding and skin irritations
  • g.  Helps reduce minor food sensitivity
  • h.  Improves oral health

10 essential ingredients for a balanced dog food:

  • 1.  Probiotics is beneficial live bacteria that support the intestinal tract, improving your pet’s digestion.  Digestive issues such as diarrhea, gas and bloating could be avoided by providing a regular dose of probiotics. PSCPets Probiotic Soft Chews for Dogs contain stabilized source of probiotics and prebiotics to improve appetite and digestion.
  • 2.  Prebiotics is complex carbs that feed the bacteria.  It is essential for the sustenance and performance of the probiotics – the good bacteria, to survive in your dog’s digestive tract.  Natural source of prebiotic ingredients include beet pulp, soy beans, raw oats and inulin.
  • 3.  Fiber is essential to promote digestive regularity.  It helps your pet to eliminate waste easily.  Azmira’s NaturFiber is a great supplement to reduce constipation problems.
  • 4.  Digestive enzymes are produced by salivary glands, stomach, pancreas and small intestines.  Enzyme support is very essential to break down your dog’s food and help the intestinal tract to absorb the nutrients.  Digestive enzymes smoothens the digestive process, reducing the normal strains of digestion.  Prozyme Original for dogs offer plant derived enzymes that help smoother digestion.
  • 5.  Natural source of phyto nutrients would be the skin of vegetables and fruits.
  • 6.  Proteins!  Good quality, highly bio viable protein is very essential for your dog to build muscles, tissue repair and improve immunity.  However depending on the age and lifestyle of your dog, the protein requirement may vary.  Growing puppies and active dogs require more protein than others.    
  • 7.  Carbs!  Most of the dog foods contain carbohydrates.  Experts argue about zero carb and all protein diets.  However in reality, certain amount of carb is required for a healthy lifestyle.
  • 8.  Vitamins & minerals are very essential for normal growth, performance and overall wellbeing of the dogs.
  • 9.  Fatty Acids such as EPA/DHA is essential for glossy coat and to reduce inflammation.  Duralactin for dogs is an anti-inflammatory supplement that improves your pet’s immune system, joint health and coat.
  • 10.  Dogs with special needs often require diet adjustments. Dogs with kidney problems may need a low protein diet or easily digestible proteins.  To improve your pet’s urinary health, providing Crananidin supplement helps.   

Make sure your pet’s dog food is well balanced to ensure his overall health and wellbeing. A balanced diet supported by nutritional supplements is the way to improve your pet’s overall wellness.