Why do dogs eat grass?  Many of us have seen dogs eating grass, but not always sure why they do?  Many believe, this to be a tendency with dogs, to purge their system from gastro intestinal issues like stomach upsets, nausea and bloating.  Grass probably induces vomit, and dogs instinctively know where to get it.

Do dogs eat grass, because they crave for the nutrients in it? Check your pet’s dog food if it offers enough fiber, minerals and enzymes for better digestion.  You also need to be extra careful that your dog doesn’t eat grass that has just been sprayed with fertilizers or weed control chemicals.

It is not like your dog is munching grass like Popeye pushing spinach inside; he probably nibbles the top grass and most of the time, throws out.  Part of this is also because of what we feed our dogs.  Dogs even though are coming from the carnivorous wolf family, show omnivorous characteristics in their eating habits.

“Dogs, unlike cats, are not carnivores. Their ancestors would often eat their prey entirely, including the stomach contents of grass and vegetable eating prey. Dogs in the wild have also been known to eat vegetables and berries. Dogs have nutritional requirements that are not met by just meat” states Dr. Laci Schaible in her website www.vetlive.com.

Eating grass is a natural method dogs use to purge.  It always amazes me to find the strong bond, animal world has with nature, while as humans we are slowly losing it. May be, that’s why our pets are so dear to us, restoring our connection with nature. Our pets teach us to listen – listen to them with open hearts and ears; which sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t.

Here are some product suggestions to help maintain good appetite, digestion and overall health for your dogs:

  1. 1.  PSCPets Intelliflora is an effective blend of four live bacteria strains and it offers best intestinal and immune support. This is a nutritional supplement, recommended for cats and dogs to maintain healthy appetite and digestion.
  2. 2.  Digestion Support for Dogs is a formula made with direct fed microbial, along with vitamins, minerals, ginger, and chamomile, to improve digestion. Pregnant dogs and chamomile allergic dogs should avoid this product.
  3. 3.  NaturVet Digestive Enzymes consists of prebiotics and probiotics that will help maintain your pet’s immune system. With this your pet will enjoy better digestion.

 Next time your dog eats grass, be sure to screen his diet and give him nutritional supplements to improve his digestion!