Why do you think a dog moves his ears up and down like radar?   Dogs keep their ears open to follow the sounds and movements and know the environment better. This habit however not only allows the sounds, but also some dirt and debris to enter their ears.  If not cleansed regularly, there is a risk of bacteria, yeast or parasite formation in the ears.

Shaped like baby booties – flappy and curved, a dog’s ears easily trap unwanted dirt particles, which calls for regular ear checkups and grooming.

Candidates for ear infections:

  1. 1.  Dogs with floppy ears (e.g. cocker spaniels /basset hounds)
  2. 2.  Dogs prone to allergies
  3. 3.  Sporting dogs that spend lot of time outdoors
  4. 4.  Dogs that produce excessive ear wax/ having inner ear hair
  5. 5.  Dogs that swim regularly

Warning signs of ear infection:  Consult your vet if your dog shows signs such as ear discharge, bad odor, redness, pain, swelling, crusty skin or hair loss.  ASPCA warns against frequent cleaning or deep cleaning, and inserting things into your dog’s ear canal.

Ear care for your dogs:

  1. 1.  Ear wax Build up – If neglected, ear wax build up could turn into a huge problem letting ear mites.  Check your dog’s ears and gently cleanse to keep those ears all right and dandy without any redness or dryness.
  2. 2.  Swimming /bathing - Care needs to be taken to protect your dog’s ears before and after a bath or a swim to remove all dangers of infection.  You could place cotton balls in your dog’s ears before exposing her to water and be sure to dry the ears afterwards.
  3. 3.  Yeast – bacterial infection - Yeast/bacterial infection may cause inflammation and redness to the ears.  You need to consult a vet for this, as this may require antibiotics.  However avoid this condition by starting ear care early with Virbac Epi Otic Ear Cleaner
  4. 4.   PSCPets Ear Cleaner is a great ear cleanser for your pet, because it is a gentle formula made with ingredients like glycerin and tea tree oil that prevents wax build up and disinfects in a gentle way without damaging those sensitive organs. 
  • a.  Gently pull the earflaps upward to open up the ear canal.
  • b.  Open up the PSCPets Ear Cleaner liquid and apply into the ear canal as per the label instructions.
  • c.  Massage the base of the ear with your fingers for half a minute to allow the solution get deeper.
  • d.  Use ear wipes  to clean up all the excess solution and dirt that usually comes out during the cleansing.
  • e.  As a final touch, sprinkle some ear powder to dry the ear canals and give your dog that refreshed feeling.

Ear care is very essential for your pets; make sure you keep those doggy ears clean and fresh!  A little bit of care each day will keep your dog happy and healthy and also minimize the vet bills.