Anxiety is a common disorder that is often hard to treat.  Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their life, some more than others.  The condition is triggered by different things depending on the person.  Medication is not always the best treatment for anxiety because it can produce some undesirable side effects.  So, how else can you treat anxiety?  With essential oils, of course!  There are several oils that can be used to treat and prevent anxiety, including bergamot, cedarwood and lavender.  Better yet, some oils can be combined for optimal effects. 

The following essential oils for anxiety are noted for their importance in proper meditation and anxiety reduction.  It is recommended to use them together for an all-natural solution to combating anxiety.

•    Bergamot Oil has a refreshing and uplifting scent.  The aroma has the ability to lift you spiritually and rids your mind of negative thoughts.  It keeps your emotional health balanced and can even help you feel focused.  Bergamot is also known to be an anti-depressant.
•    Frankincense Oil has long been known for it's ability to induce a meditative state. It's comforting properties help focus the mind to overcome stress and despair.
•    Lavender Oil is rejuvenating because of its flowery scent.  It has the power to decrease anxiety and release tension from your body. 

Now that you know which essential oils for anxiety to use, how exactly do you use them?  Follow the instructions below.

1)    Drop a 6-10 drops of your chosen essential oil, or blend more than one, into a warm bath while and soak for 15 minutes breathing slowly and deeply.
2)    Add 20 drops of one oil, or a blend of oils, to a tablespoon of carrier oil such as Sweet Almond Oil and use as a massage on your neck, shoulders, forehead or temples. It’s best if the oils are used on you—that is how aromatherapy works best.
3)    Add a few drops of your chosen oil to a cotton ball or cloth, close your eyes and and inhale the scent deeply off and on throughout they day.
4)    Place a drop of oils into a hot bowl of water.  Hang your head over the bowl and breathe deeply for a few minutes.

You can try any of these instructions to see what works best for you.  Remember, if you have any doubts about using an oil, check with your doctor first.  Also, if applying the oils to your skin, don’t forget to dilute it because some oils are highly concentrated and can cause skin irritation. We hope these essential oils for anxiety will help you, give them a try today!

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