House breaking is probably the most frustrating part of training a puppy.  No matter how much you try, you cannot fully avoid the pet accidents on the floor or the carpet.  This is because it takes 6 months or more for the puppies to get trained in this area.  Some hyperactive breeds may require more time than the rest.

Like any baby, the primary job puppies do is to eat and poop.  This little bundle of energy eats a lot, runs a lot and also poops everywhere.   Why do puppies do this?  This is because, their instincts as well as their system is not fully developed; they are unable to hold it and relieve themselves in a specific area.

Taking your dog for walks with the leash on one hand and the pooper scooper on the other is one method.  But with the winter and the busy schedules, indoor potties are an option.  But to get there, the puppy needs to be trained first.

10 steps to potty train your puppy

  1. 1.  Start the potty training, as soon your puppy comes home.
  2. 2.  Put your puppy on a timely diet with measured portions within a schedule, instead of eating whenever.
  3. 3.  Be sure to remove the excess food because puppies love to eat and will keep getting at the plate, which will disturb the house training.
  4. 4.  Do not give water to your puppy during nights, as this will increase the need to urinate.  
  5. 5.  Allot a specific area outside, as your puppy’s toilet.
  6. 6.  Place a crate on this area and keep your puppy in it after he is fully fed.
  7. 7.   Encourage your puppy to go in it, using a consistent catchphrase like Go potty.
  8. 8.  Praise your puppy when it is done right.  But more importantly never scold your puppy if there is an accident which will not only scare the puppy, but will also mess up the training.
  9. 9.   Allow your puppy frequent visits to the toilet area, so that he learns the connection between the activities – feeding and eliminating. 
  10. 10.  Keep a close watch on your puppy’s pooping exercise and keep a journal/chart to keep track of it.

  11.  Bell training is an effective method that has worked with many dogs.  45 minutes after feeding, you train your puppy to ring a bell.  You hold your puppy’s paw to ring the bell, then praise him and take him out.  Keep repeating this exercise till your puppy learns the connection between going out and potty.  You may need a lot of patience and consistence to practice this on your puppy.

Pet Accidents and Solutions:   Getting rid of the urine odors and stains is a big challenge.  This is especially true for those who like to keep a tidy house.  Check out some of the following products to arm yourself while house training your puppy!

  1. 1. Simple Solution Original Training Pads can be very useful during the initial stages to avoid pet accidents on the carpet.  It is made with five layers, with antimicrobial protection, which is hygienic to use.
  2. 2.  Nature’s Miracle offers a wide array of cleaning products to remove pet stains and odors.  These products do not merely mask the odors but removes them.  They have a unique formula that functions from a deep root level, permanently eliminating all stains and odors. 
  3. 3. A  Crate is a great way to teach your puppy, the concept of space.  It can be very handy for potty training and a great solution to avoid pet accidents on the carpet.
  4. 4. Spotty Indoor Dog Potty is a great solution to potty training, because this pad absorbs pet urine with a superb order control mechanism.  A replacement faux grass scented mat is also available to replace the existing one.
  5. 5.  Hugs Pet Products Potty Paws 50 count is a great tool to pick up the doggy poop and convert it into a disposable bag by turning it inside out and sealing it away.  These bags are made of anti-microbial polyethylene film.  

House breaking your puppy is an important and a responsible step as a pet parent.  If you train your puppy right, it paves way to a balanced household!