Housetraining your puppy can be one of the most difficult processes after bringing puppy home.  However, if you are consistent with training and use positive reinforcement, your puppy will be trained in no time! 

How long can he hold it?
The first step in housetraining your puppy is determining how long your pup can “hold it.”  In general, the amount of time they can hold it will be their age in months plus one.  So, if your puppy is 3 months old, he will be able to hold it for 4 hours.  This could vary though, depending on the breed, gender, health and some other factors.

Let him know it's not ok to go potty in the house:
You need to help your puppy realize that it is not okay to eliminate in the house.  If you catch him in the act, calmly take him outside right away.  You might want to clean the mess up in front of him too which could help him see he did something wrong. 

Keep him on a feeding schedule:
When housetraining your puppy, it is also necessary to keep him on a schedule with feeding.  If you feed him on a schedule, he will eliminate on a schedule too.  It will get him into the routine of going outside and eventually he will walk to the door himself to let you know he needs to go out. 

Keep his digestive system regular:
To keep your puppy “regular”, keep his diet simple and consistent.  This means you should feed him the same food day to day.  Avoid feeding him people food and even table scraps, even if it’s only once and a while.  These could lead to stomach problems, and therefore unwanted accidents.

Praise him when he does it right:
When your dog goes to the bathroom in front of you outside, provide him with praise and play.  He will understand that he did something right and will continue to do so. 

Don’t give him too much freedom until he's ready:
If you cannot get him to eliminate, keep him near you while indoors in order to prevent accidents later.  You do not want to give your dog complete freedom in the house until you know for a fact that he is housetrained.  It may be helpful to increase freedom by 15 minutes every time your puppy eliminates outside.  However, you may have to decrease this time if accidents continue to happen.

Once you and your puppy get the hang of the above techniques, he will be completely potty trained in no time.  If you feel that it is taking an unusually long time housetraining your puppy, a veterinarian can give you tips or diagnose any underlying health problems in the digestive system or urinary tract. 





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