Being a pet parent is one of the coolest things a human can do… that’s why we call them man’s best friend. But our canine companions can also come down with an array of health-related difficulties; including canine kidney disease. In order to combat this potentially fatal disease, there are a few precautions you can take to prevent and help treat kidney complications.

1.    Always be Aware:

Since dogs can’t talk (at least last I checked) we need to be their guiding hand and care-taker. They won’t be able to tell us when difficulties or complications arrive; non-the-less when these problems occur internally. We must be vigilant in watching and knowing when our pets’ behaviors seem “off” or “wrong”. You know your pet, if anything seems amiss, it's time get in touch with your vet.

2.    Healthy Diets:

Feeding your dog a healthy diet is the first step in maintaining proper kidney function. Make sure your dog is getting a balanced diet full of the proper nutrients for his specific breed and age. If your dog is diagnosed with canine kidney failure, your vet will most likely recommend a low protein diet. Please note that a low protein diet is not generally recommended for healthy animals. Don’t start any type of diet with your dog unless your vet has been consulted first.

3.    Regular Vet Visits: 

Odds are you’re not a scientist. Don’t worry – I’m not either, but I know where to find the right information. The best way to get a good word of advice when it comes to raising and caring for your dog is to see a vet regularly. I can’t stress enough how important this is, they went to schooling for this after all. When it comes to diseases, symptoms and treatments, they know their stuff and the best course of action for prevention and treatment.

4.    Medication:

If your veterinarian has confirmed that kidney disease is indeed the problem, action should be taken immediately. Your vet will recommend a kidney health medication such as Azodyl, which is sold affordably at local stores and hundreds of online websites. Azodyl uses probiotics to reduce the toxin buildup in the intestines and bloodstream of pets with chronic kidney disease.

5.    Exercise:

Animal health complications often arise when there is a blatant lack of mobility and exercise. Keeping your dog fit is keeping your dog healthy. In terms of preventative action, exercise is a dog’s best friend. Jogging, walking, visiting a dog park, playing Frisbee and just plain wrestling around are great ways to make sure your dog remains active.

If any of the above precautions and countermeasures do not display any sign of significant effect; take your pet back in to visit the vet. To sum it up, you can work to prevent and treat canine kidney disease by: knowing your pet and taking action if something seems wrong, feeding your dog a nutrient rich diet, giving the proper medications recommended by your veterinarian, and staying active!

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