Every dog wants to play, and needs a special toy!  Toys are not plain objects anymore, but it has become a tool with a multi-purpose. Toys have a job to do – to inspire, motivate, engage, educate, discipline and comfort your pet. To match the right dog with the right toy, you need to first recognize your pet’s personality and also the job a toy needs to perform.

Know the personality of your dog!

    1. 1.  Toys to motivate:  Jeff’s Lab Farah was spoiled.  She was beginning to gain additional pounds with all the treats and the naps.  Jeff’s girlfriend pointed this out to him and reminded that Farah needs to earn her treats and certainly should get more active.  She suggested Busy Buddy toys to motivate and interest Farah. These toys can be filled with treats, motivating your dog to work for his treat.  The surprise element will motivate him to stay active and healthy.
    1. 2.  Toys to engage: Interactive dog toys are designed with you and your dog in mind.  I know it is not possible to ignore this poor guy, begging you for a game of Fetch. What you two need is an interactive toy, to make your outdoor time full of fun and joy.  Each interactive toy, whether it is Kong AirDog Bone or Plush Puppies Tail teaser, has a unique goal as well as a role.  You and your dog deserve that beautiful time to stay active and healthy.  Enjoy watching your pal pick, shake and respond to the surprise squeak, when you play Fetch next time.
    1. 3.  Toys to educate: Brandy is a hyperactive dog, who always welcomed the guests with her front paws on their chest.   Her pet family decided to introduce brain toys to engage her into mental activity.   They found educational toys such as Zanies Treat Hunter Puzzle Multi Color and Plush Puppies I-Qube Puzzle to engage her curiosity, and also calm her a little bit.
    1. 4.  Toys to challenge - If you are looking for a resilient toy to resist the rough games of your dog, you probably should get him an indestructible toy!  Indestructible toys are tough and durable, specially designed to stimulate the fun and frolic of your active pets. Some dogs suffer separation anxieties when left alone at home or at a boarding kennel, and the chewing activity helps them to calm down.  These indestructible dog toys are scratch and bite resistant, easy to clean up and are super fun to play with. Let your dog play with Zogoflex Huck, Hurley and Bumi and you will find the new energy almost unstoppable.
    1. 5.  Toys to discipline:  Kyzer is a Doberman puppy who loved to chew! He chewed every leather, carpet and paper he could find in the house.  His dad got frustrated and got him the Nylabone DuraChew Double Bone.  To dad’s relief, this toy not only satisfied Kyzer’s chewing instincts, but also helped his dental hygiene.
    1. 6.  Toys to comfort: Do you remember the stuffed animal you carried around as a child, when you felt alone and scared?   Well, your dog too gets scared sometimes and needs a plush toy!  Plush dog toys are soft, cozy and cuddly, which is why dogs develop a personal interest to it.  These toys are made with extra layers to keep up with all that doggy rough handling.

A happy pet is a playful pet!   As a pet owner, it is important for you to inspire and indulge your pet in to meaningful games.  Every toy has a goal and a role – find the right one for your pet!