Cats need stimulation just as much as dogs do.  Behavioral problems are common in cats and can easily be corrected with interactive toys that keep them entertained for hours.  Did you know that cats need entertainment like this too?  Some cats may resort to scratching furniture with their sharp claws or going to the bathroom in the house if they get overly bored.  No owner wants this to happen—which is why you can turn to interactive cat toys to keep your cat entertained when you aren’t around.

          There are a few reasons as to why interactive toys may be necessary in a cat owner’s household, including:

  • Stimulation.  Cats need to be mentally stimulated to keep them from getting bored and ruining your possessions.  Often times, mental stimulation with toys is also physically stimulating for felines.  Both types of stimulation are essential.

  • Exercise.  It’s difficult to figure out how to keep your cat physically active—it’s not always possible to take them for walks!  However, interactive toys are a great way to get your cat to exercise.  It will keep her at a healthy weight and distracted from begging you for kitty treats!  Exercise is a positive way for cats to release negative energy or aggression. 
  • Keeps you from getting injured.  If you’ve owned a kitten or cat before, chances are that you’ve experienced a sharp scratch or bite.  Although injuries from domestic cats usually aren’t serious, it’s something you want to keep your cat away from.  If your cat isn’t provided with toys to keep him entertained, he may see your hands and teeth as moving targets for his teeth and claws.

There are several different types of interactive cat toys.  The kind that works best for your pet depends on her personality and the reason for giving her the toys.  Here is a list of some common toys that may be good for your cat:

  • Play-n-Squeak Toys.  There are several different kinds of these which contain an electronic sound module that ‘squeaks’ like a mouse would.  The squeaker may be motion activated or may have to be ‘squeezed’ by the cat’s teeth or paws. 
  • Catnip containing toys.  One popular toy, called ‘Thrill of the Chase’ features a realistic mouse that mimics wild prey and contains hidden catnip.  The cat has to figure out how to get to the catnip. 
  • Balls.  Although they’re quite simple, these can keep cats entertained for hours.  To provide your cat with even more fun, try the ‘Zig-n-Zag Ball’ which moves around, keeping your cat guessing which way it will go next.
  • Magnetic toys.  These toys contain a magnetic field that keeps them in motion.  It will move continuously as your cat plays with it.
  • Kitty tunnels.  If your cat likes to hide in dark places, then a cat tunnel is a perfect interactive toy for him.  Your cat can run through the tunnel, weaving in and out of various holes.  You may be able to find one that includes toys (balls, toy mice, etc…) hanging from strings from the top. 

Now that you know the perks that come with interactive cat toys and what options there are for your pet, you can decide what works best for your cat and your lifestyle.  The kinds of toys offered in stores are endless.  Remember that the more you stimulate your cat, the better behaved he/she will be. 

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