Sheltie Rescue of Utah 

Our featured organization for this month is Sheltie Rescue of Utah. This non-profit organization has been a dedicated customer of products for their shelties. Because of their loyal business with us and their dedication to helping Shelties in need, we are offering them a chance to earn free products!

For every $3 you donate to, we will be able to donate an order of PSCPets brand Intelliflora, which retails at $14.99. We cover the rest of the product cost! Learn more about how to donate here: March PSCPets Rescue Outreach.

Intelliflora is a great product to share with the shelties at this shelter, as dogs that experience change and stressful living situations (such as being homeless, malnourished, etc) can exhibit digestive problems. This product is also essential for senior dogs that seem to experience digestive problems more often than younger animals.

How Can I Donate?
The residents at Sheltie Rescue of Utah would really appreciate your help! If you have $3 to spare, please consider donating it to help provide PSCPets brand Intelliflora for these rescued dogs. All donations are used exclusively for the care of rescued Shelties. They are tax deductible and you can donate on their web site via PayPal, you can also sponsor a rescued sheltie to help cover medical expenses.

Interested in volunteering or fostering? The application can also be found through the website.

If you are a non-profit organization hoping to be a part of our Rescue Outreach Program, please contact us to be considered for our special discounts!

About Sheltie Rescue of Utah

The mission of Sheltie Rescue of Utah is to rescue lost and discarded Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties), rehabilitate them physically and mentally, and to find new homes in which they will flourish for the rest of their lives. SRU is a 501( c ) ( 3 ) Charitable Organization which does not participate in euthanasia.

What sets SRU apart is the fact that it does not operate as a shelter, but as an adoptive foster service to temporarily house and evaluate the shelties brought in. These pooches live with people as opposed to in kennels, and are cared for by individuals briefly until forever homes are found for them!

The utmost care: SRU diligently searches for the right adoptive families, and utilize foster homes to evaluate the physical and behavioral characteristics of their shelties. Rescued dogs are house trained and rehabilitated. All medical problems are addressed while the shelties are cared for in their foster homes. Currently there are 11 dogs being cared for at this organization that are ready for adoption. You can browse these Shelties and learn about their stories here.

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Interested in adopting a puppy? SRU says DO NOT BUY from pet stores!While there may be pet shops that sell dogs and cats that are healthy and come from reputable sources, we haven’t found them,” states our friends at SRU.

Puppy mills are unethical and only exist for the purpose of manufacturing puppies as money-making products. The puppies you see in pet stores are bought from puppy farms. They often have questionable parentage and are born in inhumane and unsanitary conditions. These poor animals are shipped through horrendous means, stuffed into large boxes and often arriving sick or damaged.

Unfair puppy mill prices.
A poor condition of the puppies upon arrival can cause a markup in the selling price in order to offset the cost of making the puppies look presentable and adoptable. In short, the puppies you see in pet shops have probably led unhealthy existences and are more expensive than they should be, all for the sake of profit.
Many shelters and animal activists urge consumers not to support pet stores dealing in dogs and cats.

Consider adopting an adult dog.
Though most of the Shelties found at shelters like SRU are no longer puppies, you can be assured that they have been well cared for and prepared to come home with you. In fact, all dogs are spayed or neutered at SRU, not to mention the fact that most adult dogs are housebroken and probably more trained than a new puppy would be. Imagine skipping all the messes and chewed up furniture!

Fair and ethical.
Adoption fees are fairly priced and go towards the operation of the non-profit organization to ensure a healthy environment for the rescued dogs. Visit the SRU web site to browse shelties in need of homes, learn more about their adoption fees (which helps to cover costs of living for your dog, sometimes amounting in thousands of dollars!) and fill out a 3-part adoption application under “Online Forms.”

SRU also supports your decision to find your next family member from your local Humane Society and save a life from euthanasia!