“Sleepless in Seattle” may be a great title for movies, but not the best for real life! What fun can it be to stay wide awake witnessing people around you, sleep peacefully to the lulling murmurs of a tedious night? A normal adult requires eight hours of sleep, but some of us hardly get even half of it. If you are one of those taking pills to aid sleep or simply having trouble sleeping in the nights or early mornings, then this piece concerns you. Read on for help, we're going to give you some natural remedies for insomnia.

Insomnia could be considered a mysterious output of a mechanical condition. If you see, the eastern philosophies perceive body as an extension of the mind and everything that affects the mind reflecting on the body (and vice versa in the western thought). When stressed out, your mind seeks an expression and often grabs work for that purpose. It quickly converts all the worries and anxieties in to physical work. But when there is no work in the nights and when the body is supposed to rest, the mind freezes like a default screen saver. This is generally true with workaholics, but there are other factors also causing insomnia.

Factors causing Insomnia:
Besides stress and anxieties, serious health conditions and aging are significant factors causing Insomnia. Mayo clinic.com confirms that many prescription drugs including anti-depressants and stimulants could interfere with sleep.

Lifestyles involving frequent travel; untimely eating habits; unhealthy diets involving greasy foods during late hours and watching late night television could be factors disturbing your sleep. Women going through menstrual cycles and menopause often find sleep cycles disturbed.

Natural remedies for Insomnia:
Mind requires cleansing just like the body. The negative issues blocking the mind should be gently washed away with the help of positive thoughts and experience. A sleepless tired mind could be lulled to sleep only when the senses are calmed.

Here are some natural remedies for Insomnia:

• Add 6 to 8 drops of Lavender, Frankincense or Chamomile essential oils to your bath in the evening to promote restful sleep, or add a few drops of the essential oil to a cloth and inhale deeply a few times. 

• Gently massage your back, neck and shoulders using essential oils, making small circles stressing the thumbs to make gentle strokes.

• Decaffeinated herbal tea is a good way to calm the senses.

A few self-help tips to deal with Insomnia:

1. Meditate at least for 15 min. late evening, to teach your mind simply to exit the worldly issues and enter into a peaceful inner zone.

2. Wear loose fitted cotton clothes to bed. Also keep your bedroom dark, using dark colors for the walls and heavy curtains.

3. Keep your office work outside the bedroom, and that includes laptops, cell phones and other communication devices. Objects are connected to thought processes and even a slight beep could unconsciously trigger all the worries and stress waiting outside the door.

4. Television is like caffeine to the eyes, because it feeds your vision engaging the mind. Avoid television and on the other hand listen to soft music

5. Avoid caffeine after 5.00 pm. Early dinners and earlier workouts might help.

Essential oils have a great impact on the senses, creating a soothing experience lulling you to sleep. We hope these natural remedies for insominia will help you start falling asleep with ease.