Based on Clinical Research and Trial

A randomized, double-blinded, clinical trial*  was conducted to estimate the incidence of Salmonella fecal shedding in hospitalized horses administered Probios Equine One Oral Gel probiotic versus a placebo (1). One hundred and thirty horses admitted with non-gastrointestinal disease to a veterinary teaching hospital were orally administered either the probiotic or placebo on 4 occasions. Fecal samples were collected daily and cultured for Salmonella. Administration of Probios Equine One Oral Gel to hospitalized horses appeared to reduce the incidence of Salmonella shedding after 48 hours of hospitalization by approximately 65%.

The trial concluded that dosing horses with Probios Equine One Oral Gel as early as possible before anticipated stressful events (eg, transportation, surgery, antibiotic treatment), followed by several subsequent treatments, appears to  reduce contamination of the hospital environment by Salmonella and the risk of salmonellosis outbreaks.  A similar benefit to horse owners on their farms for the reduction in Salmonella and other pathogenic organisms would also be expected with the use of Probios Equine One Oral Gel.