Puppy potty training can be one of the most difficult responsibilities that comes with having a new bundle of fur running around the house.  However, it’s extremely important to make potty training a priority for the sake of your household; it can be a long process but it’s worth it in the end when your dog stops making messes. 

Follow the tips below for a perfect potty training experience!

1)    Don’t lose your temper
Never lose your temper with your puppy while potty training, this can backfire… instead of making him want to go outside, he may become afraid to go to the bathroom in front of you.

2)    Restrict your dog’s access in the house

Making his environment smaller will make him less apt to have an accident.  Put up gates and close doors to rooms you don’t want him in and put newspapers down in areas he will be allowed in; this will cleanup a bit easier.

3)    Keep a close eye on him, at all times! 
Puppies are sneaky and usually get into mischief when no one is looking.  If you have to leave him for a few minutes, put him in a crate or make sure that he is in an area where making a mess isn’t a big deal.

4)    Go outside with him 
This will assure you that he is going to the bathroom instead of just playing.  By going with him, you will become more aware of his routine and even help him set his own.

5)    Praise your pup
Praise your puppy when he takes care of his business outside, this will make him more likely to do it again.  Also, remember not to punish him or lose your temper if he doesn’t go outside; if he has an accident inside, take him outside promptly without overwhelming him.

6)    Make a plan for when you are not home 
This could mean utilizing a crate, baby gate, or exercise pen.

7)    Use puppy pads cautiously
These are never the best way to potty train especially if you want your dog to go outside.  This will just confuse him and cause bigger problems.

The key to puppy potty training is consistency and praise.  Your dog will be more likely to continue going to the bathroom outside if you train and praise regularly.  Some dogs take longer than others to potty train, but if you’re patient then your pup will be trained in no time!