You may be spending hours together maintaining the lawn, but how do you feel spotting yellow burnt patches, that simply won’t go away?  Did you know your little pal put it there?  Well, why else would Remo hide under the couch, every time you complain about the yellow burnt patches on your lawn?

Animals urinate as a scent marker to denote their territory; dogs are no exception.  This probably is a reason why his statement is so bold on the grass.  Your dog’s urine naturally contains high levels of ammonia and nitrogen, and every time your dog urinates near his favorite maple tree it burns that part of the lawn.  Even though such burn spots can be restored with time and effort, it could bring some stress to the family.

Dog’s urine eliminates the excess nitrogen from the body, when it passes through the kidneys. This nitrogen waste is due to the protein breakout that happens naturally. Pet owners have tried different measures such as making dietary modifications in the pet’s food, building fences, setting sprinklers, getting leashes and odor/taste repellents to protect their grass.  You can also try to train your dog to go in one particular spot regularly; this way, you can restrict the damage.  Also sometimes it is beneficial to pour a pail of water immediately on the spot he used, so that the urine is diluted, which will help prevent lawn burn. 

Yet, treating the problem from outside is one thing, but treating it from inside is even better.  Try our PSCPets Lawn Protection Soft Chews for Dogs!  It reduces the levels of ammonia and nitrogen in your dog’s urine, and has a positive effect on your lawn.

Your pet will receive the benefits of B-vitamins that helps to maintain a healthy metabolism, immune support and overall health.  PSCPets Lawn Protection for Dogs is highly palatable and is simultaneously beneficial to your dog and your lawn!

These soft chews contain Yucca schidgera extract, that helps bind ammonia thereby minimizing nitrogen production. The B-vitamins line Thiamine hydrochloride, Biotin, Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vit. B) and Cyanocobalmin (Vit. B) helps maintain urine pH so that it is less acidic and minimizes the lawn burn.

Remo might have put those burnt patches there, but it certainly is not his fault. PSCPets Lawn Protection Soft Chew is the best way to treat your dog, and help him protect the lawn!