“Oh poor Minnie, did she get a black eye?” “What are those purple stains around her eyes?” -  You probably get this a lot from friends and neighbors, about the tear stains around your dog’s eyes.  Is there a way to get rid of those ugly stains and hope for a flawless show quality?  These stains that blemish your pet’s face are due to a condition called Epiphora.

Epiphora occurs in dogs and cats, making them shed excess tears.  These excess tears have a tendency to stain the fur below and around the eyes.  It also gives an unpleasant appearance to your dog, especially if she has a white coat.

Tears have a unique function to flush away the irritants from your pet’s eye and improve the vision.  Generally, it requires a certain balance for the production and drainage of tears.  What happens if there is going to be more than the normal amount of tears? 

The excess tears make the face damp, and the dampness leads to several problems.  Besides the bad looks and odors, there is also the risk of poor hygiene and infection.  These wet spots around your pet’s skin become the field for growing bacteria and yeast.   Why does this occur?  Some of the causes are listed below.

Causes of Epiphora:

  1. 1.  Ocular irritation or inflammation
  2. 2.  Obstructed tear outflow tract
  3. 3.  Diets including additives and artificial flavors may cause allergies leading to tear stains.
  4. 4.  Other allergies

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Pet Hygiene is very important!  Clean your pet’s eyes regularly with a wipe and remove any kind of dust or particles from it. In addition to a healthy diet and routine grooming, make sure you provide PSCPets Tear Stain Eliminator, to eliminate the unsightly stains from your pet’s pretty face!