It is a universal rule that dogs chew!  Listen to the pitiful tales, told by the tattered shoe and the gnawed up sofa cushion.   What if there was a Soft Chew that was gentle on the pet’s teeth, had a healthy impact on the inner organs and a function more than just to satisfy the chewing instincts of a dog?   Well! We have a remarkable product designed to meet all the above needs!

The Soft Chew is an innovative concept in a dosage form that combines a dog treat and a nutritional supplement to keep your pets strong, active and healthy.  These are functional pet treats that are formulated with quality ingredients to help maintain joint health, cardio support, digestion and skin & coat health.  

Best Candidates for Soft Chews:

  1. 1.    Senior pets often have a problem chewing hard tablets and that is why Soft Chew is an excellent alternative.  The senior formula consists of ingredients exclusively for senior dogs to meet with their aging needs.
  2. 2.   Active Young dogs of all sizes benefit from the intake of soft chews.  It is easy to train such dogs using soft chew rewards as they are better behaved and more responsive to the owner’s commands; it helps during a visit to the vet clinic or a grooming session.
  3. 3.   Those dogs that are stressed during traveling, kenneling or training – often benefit by the Soft Chews because of the chewing activity as well as the calming formula.
  4. 4.   Dogs that need probiotics such as the ones going through post antibiotic therapy, deworming and digestive upsets greatly benefit from Soft Chews with Probiotics.
  5. 5.   Glossy Coat:  Shedding dogs need a formula with omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals specific for skin and coat health to stop shedding and get back the rich skin and coat.  As a matter of fact, dogs of all breeds and sizes need to have a healthy skin and a glossy coat; and must try Soft Chews for Skin & Coat, for excellent results.
  6. 6.   Special Needs Pets!  Those pets with health issues that need additional support with cardio health, joint health, and digestion find great benefits from the Soft Chews.
  7. 7.   Dogs with tear stains – Eliminating the tear stain is a major concern for pet parents and Soft Chews for Tear stain elimination is a positive solution!


Benefits of Soft Chews!

  1. 1.   Soft Chews are fun and convenient!  Pet parents love Soft Chews all over the world because it is a healthy way to encourage your pet.
  2. 2.   Veterinarians like soft chews because it offers high compliance, meaning dogs respond to the diagnosis and treatment better with Soft Chews.  This is especially helpful when some dogs have to be given supplements every day for chronic conditions like arthritis. 
  3. 3.   Soft Chews have a proven rate of 95% successful palatability.  This factor quickly wins the confidence of innumerable pet parents thereby developing thorough customer satisfaction.
  4. 4.   Soft Chews are a rich source of protein from chicken, which minimizes the chances of allergic reactions.

Soft Chews are an innovative combination of a nutritional supplement and a functional treat!  It is great for dogs, dog owners and veterinarians to help maintain optimum pet health.