Dogs play a vital role in building today’s modern society.  Being more than usual household pets, dogs work, guard, guide and give companionship.  Dogs play an active role in our lives, functioning with a mind of their own.  As we all know, when a mind is involved, the body has to do double duty!

Recently, I saw a police dog on a leash, working in the JFK international airport.  He was trained to smell drugs, so he was sniffing at the luggage, walking through the rows of passengers.  There were a bunch of other dogs – each one trained to locate a specific item – like plant based materials, bombs, narcotics etc. Also, during the 9/11 disaster, the role played by our canine companions was remarkable, as they actively participated in the search and rescue operations.  It is amazing to see the contribution of these dogs, in keeping a safer society.

Working dogs often get exhausted, because they spend maximum energy, and lose considerable amount of nutrients and trace minerals in the process.  This loss needs to be replenished rapidly so that they can continue to do their jobs to their fullest potential and also maintain good health.  Pet owners need to recognize this and support their system with good quality food and nutritional supplements. PSCPets Daily Maintenance Soft Chews for Adult Dogs is a veterinarian formulated product made with essential vitamins and chelated minerals.

Best Candidates for Daily Maintenance Soft chews include:

  • Active dogs that love to run, play, and participate in every activity you or your kids do. 
  • Working dogs that herd livestock, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, hunting dogs, sniffer dogs etc., those are on the go, all day.
  • Senior dogs become weak with age and their organs require the extra nutritional boost to maintain good quality life.

PSCPets Daily Maintenance Soft Chews for Adult Dogs is designed to replenish the nutritional needs of the above dogs.  This unique formula combines highly bioavailable essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to offer your adult dog a complete nutrition.

These chews are liver flavored and are highly palatable.