There’s nothing more enjoyable than a house full of family, friends, turkey and holiday decorations.  However, for some pets Thanksgiving can be very stressful.  Some animals have a hard time adjusting to an increased amount of people in the house. Check out the following tips for a fulfilling Thanksgiving day event that your pets can enjoy, too.

Turkey, Turkey, Turkey
You should try your hardest to avoid giving your pet human food, however, if you decide to feed him/her a few bites of turkey, make sure it’s boneless and well-cooked.  Never feed him raw turkey which can make animals sick; and bones which can be dangerous if swallowed.

Be Aware of Extra Ingredients
Often times people use sage or other spices and oils to make their Thanksgiving dishes extra delicious.  If you do this, be extra cautious not to allow your pets eat your food.  Some herbs and oils can cause stomach problems and central nervous system depression in animals.

Keep Them Occupied
If you’re having the entire family over for the holiday, your pet may very well get stressed out from the extra people and commotion; he will also be more likely to beg and get fed unhealthy people food by those who give in. Overly anxious pets typically have behavior problems on holidays when there is a lot of action—but this can be avoided.   Make sure your pet has enough toys to play with as well as his own food and water.  Kong toys are quite useful—you can give your cat or dog their own little feast by stuffing their usual dinner along with tidbits of turkey, vegetables, and dribbles of gravy into the toy.  If you have to, keep your pets gated off from the excitement, kenneled, or confined to a separate room. 

Keep the Alcohol Away 
Every pet owner knows that alcohol can be extremely dangerous for animals.  But during the holidays, we are more likely to become preoccupied and walk away from the drink that’s set on the coffee table, leaving it available for consumption by the dog or cat.  Pets and booze are a bad mix—he/she could not only become disoriented, but very ill.  Too much can even lead to death (just as it can in humans), so keep a close eye on where you and your guests place alcoholic drinks. 

All pets are curious, it’s part of what makes them so special. Keep yours safe by following the above holiday tips this Thanksgiving.  You will thank us later when you don’t have to take any emergency trips to the vet.