When you own a dog, you have to decide whether or not you want to groom him yourself or have him groomed by a professional.  This is a difficult but important decision for every pet owner to make.  Grooming at home can be quite the task, depending on your dog’s size, fur type and personality; but it can save you money and offer time for you to spend with your pet. 

If you’re thinking about grooming your own dog, you should consider a few things:

•    Grooming is time-consuming and requires patience.
•    High-quality grooming equipment can be costly.  But if you just need general grooming supplies, it is cheaper than taking your dog to a groomer.
•    Bad hair days happen to dogs, too.
•    You will be prone to mistakes if you have never groomed a dog before, but remember that mistakes are not permanent.
•    Grooming your dog on your own will help you bond with your pet.
•    You have to be committed to grooming—you can’t just take a day off from caring for your dog.  It will jeopardize his health and hygiene!

If home grooming is not for you and you’re thinking about hiring a groomer, you must also take a few factors into consideration:

•    Groomers cost money.  Some charge more than others.
•    It takes time to find a groomer that is right for you and your pet.  
•    Depending on where you live, there may not be a professional groomer available in your area.
•    You have to leave your dog with the groomer, sometimes for an entire day.
•    Groomers are convenient, professional and usually know what they’re doing.
•    Dogs with separation anxiety and other behavioral problems may not do well with a groomer.
•    Groomers can help point out health conditions and other problems you may not have been able to notice, like ear infections, fleas and ticks.
•    Taking a dog to a groomer often means your dog will be around other animals.  If your dog does not get along with other pets, a groomer may not be right for you.

No matter what you decide, in home or professional groomer, your dog will be happier, healthier and cleaner from regular grooming sessions.  If you're looking for grooming supplies, you can get them here at PSCPets!

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