Interesting article titled “Top 10 Questions Pet Owners Ask Veterinarians”. it seems pet parents have pretty similar questions about thier furry friends.

Here are the 10 questions:

1. "What can I do about his toenails? He won't let me cut them!"

2. "Why does my dog stink?"

3. "How do my pet's ears manage to get so dirty?"

4. "Why does my dog eat poop?"

5. "Help! He keeps missing the litterbox!"

6. "He won't stop scratching! Isn't there a shot that you can give him?"

7. "My dog is shaking! My cat is limping! What's wrong with my pet?"

8. "What's up with his foul breath?"

9. "Why does my dog eat grass?"

10. "What can I do to make the shedding stop?"


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