Although living with pets is fun and joyful, there are a few downfalls that may come with owning a dog, such as that nagging question in your mind… Why does the dog smell bad?  Most times when the dog is smelly he just needs a bath, but in some instances, there is an underlying health condition contributing to your dog’s odor.  Read below to learn about the possible problem that could be causing the problem.

Ear Infections.
Believe it or not, ear infections can be smelled from quite a distance.  Dogs with floppy ears are especially prone to these.  If your dog smells bad and you notice him shaking his head a lot or scratching his ears, bring him to the vet for an examination.  If an infection is present, the vet can give his ears a thorough cleaning and medicated drops if needed.  To prevent infections in the future, learn how to properly clean your dog’s ears and do so regularly.

Yeast Infections
Ear infections can spread to other parts of the body, causing yeast infections.  Once this happens, you will need a prescription for a special pet shampoo and medication to rid the infection.

Dental Problems 
In this case, the odor your dog has is from bad breath.  Dogs need to have their teeth brushed; without brushing, bacteria, plaque, and tarter start to build up.  When left untreated, they could end up with a more serious problem that affects their eating, causes tooth loss and can potentially put their health in danger. 

Eye Tearing 
Some dogs have a lot of drainage from their eyes—if your dog has this, you may notice brown tearing around their eyes.  This can cause growth of bacteria in the moist fur under the eyes and can produce an unpleasant smell.  Excessive tearing can be the cause of an underlying health condition, so get your dog checked out by a veterinarian if you notice anything unusual. 

Kidney Problems 
Bad breath can be a sign of the build-up of toxins associated with kidney problems.  If your dog’s bad breath just won’t go away, it would be best to have a veterinarian determine if this problem may exist. 

There are plenty of things you can do to help make sure your dog doesn’t start to smell bad in the first place such as:
•    Regular bathing and brushing of fur
•    Regular teeth brushing
•    Clean tearing eyes and ears as often as possible
•    Consider using a medicated shampoo

Regular veterinary exams are also helpful so underlying health conditions can be taken care of right away.  Dogs don’t always have to smell like roses; sometimes they are just a little smelly. However, if the smell seems out of the ordinary, or worse than the average “dog smell”, head to the vet for an examination.