World Dairy Expo 2010This week Madison became host once again to the World Dairy Expo. Last year alone, in 2009 the total attendance was almost 65,000 people from 91 countries around the world. If you have an interest in Dairy and you have yet to make it to this show I highly recommend making the trip! With over 770 companies with booths in the various exhibit spaces you are bound to keep busy all day long! Plus, you will find show specials galore and lots of free samples, which are sure to be enjoyed by all.

This was the first year that attended the World Dairy Expo and it was a great show to interact with our much valued dairy producers. We talked with producers that had herd sizes that ranged in size from under 20 to over 50,000 head. What a sight a dairy of 50,000 head must be! Too bad we’d have to travel to China to see it though; otherwise I’d be there in a heartbeat to see such a big operation. In addition to people from all over the world attending this show there also is a large number of companies exhibiting exciting new technology including a large robot that sweeps hay and feed back in front of the cows so that they can reach it.

Plus, we can’t forget the most important part of the show…. Deep Fried Cheese Curds! Oh, wait I mean the Dairy Shows, my bad! The coliseum is home to the Dairy Shows all week long and it is decorated in high fashion even with a castle entrance for the cows to walk through. From Jerseys to Brown Swiss, Holsteins and more you will surely find excellent dairy cows competing for the top prize. Plus, if you are interested in watching the dairy shows but you can’t make it down they will put video from the shows up on the World Dairy Expo website.