Cat Supplies


It seems people are divided up into two camps, cat lovers and dog lovers. If you’re a cat person, you know they can be just as affectionate, playful and loyal as their canine counterparts. Because we know how important your cat is to you, we choose to carry a wide range of cat supplies to help you keep your feline friend healthy and happy.

To start with, cats love to scratch. If you want to keep your furniture from becoming marred, a much needed cat supply is a scratching guard or post. Even better, check out the Zanies Octopus Bat and Scratch which offers a scratching pad as well as felt arms for your cat to bat around. It’s a toy with a purpose.
If you like to allow your cat to lounge outside, but don’t want to see her get lost or threatened by other animals, consider a Collapsible Cat Playpen or Kittywalk Carnival. You might also want a cat playpen for when you’re away from the house if you have a cat who likes to make messes.
Consistently cleaning a litter box? Check out this self-cleaning litter box and say goodbye to daily cleanings. You’ll be happy and so will your cat, they like a clean litter box too! 

Because we’re Probioticsmart.com you’ll also find probiotics for cats such as PSCPets IntelliFlora and PSCPets Dental Probiotics. And it doesn’t stop with probiotics, we’re happy to carry nutritional supplements for various aspects of your cat’s overall wellbeing from urinary tract health to joint care.

Finding the right cat supplies is easy and fun when you shop at Probioticsmart.com where you’ll always find Smart Products for Healthy Living!

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