PSCPets IntelliFlora Nutritional Probiotic Supplement

*IntelliFlora is a nutritional supplement designed for the dietary management of dogs and cats with diarrhea

*Containing a blend of four live active bacteria strains and has been proven to promote intestinal health as well as healthy immune system functioning

*Plus, thanks to the convenient and eco-friendly bottle and scoop design you will never have to open another packet!

Try IntelliFlora!


ProbioticSmart PSCPets IntelliFlora Nutritional Probiotic Supplement PSC-VP9300G
5 stars
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FortiFlora® is a registered trademark of Nestle Purina Pet Care Company. Comparison based on information available on the product label.

IntelliFloraTM has been proven to promote intestinal health, and is designed to create a balance of microbes within your dog or cat’s gastrointestinal tract. IntelliFlora is most often used during periods of diarrhea, stress, and antibiotic use.

IntelliFlora contains a blend of four different bacterial strains including Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum, and Lactobacillus rhamnosus (the leading brand only offers Enterococcus faecium).   These four strains are instrumental in fortifying intestinal cells while inundating the bad, unhealthy bacteria present within your  dog or cat’s GI tract. 

IntelliFlora also contains a variety of essential vitamins and nutrients including Vitamins C, A, E, Zinc, and Manganese…all of which are needed for your dog or cat’s proper metabolism, vision, and immune system functioning.

Changing a cat or dog’s food can disrupt their digestive system causing various symptoms including diarrhea and digestive upset. IntelliFlora may be used to minimize these symptoms while avoiding compromise within the animal’s immune system.

There are also a number of negative side effects caused by antibiotic therapy as well (including diarrhea, digestive upset, and an overall depletion of healthy bacteria in the animals digestive system). It is recommended that IntelliFlora be used during antibiotic therapy , but given during alternating times with regard to the administering of the antibiotic itself. It is also recommended that, if possible, IntelliFlora be given for a period before and after the antibiotic regimen has begun.

Containing human-grade poultry liver as a flavor additive (the leading competitor uses “animal digest” of unknown origin), even the most finicky of cats and dogs will take IntelliFlora…and you won’t need to be concerned about what your cat or dog is consuming.

PSCPets products are backed by our 100% satisfaction Guarantee! You may return PSCPets brand products any time for a full refund of the purchase price (excluding shipping charges).

Brand PSCPets
Manufacturer ProbioticSmart
Size 30 & 300 grams
Size Options No
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new

Caution: For animal use only.

Feeding Recommendation:

For Dogs and Cats: Provide 1 leveled scoop daily under the supervision of your veterinarian. Sprinkle on food.

Scoop Included: 1 leveled scoop equals 1 gram

Storage Recommendation:

Store in a cool dry place.  Keep out of the reach of children.  Store with lid tightly closed.

Note: This product does not need refrigeration.

PSCPets products are backed by our 100% satisfaction Guarantee! You may return PSCPets brand products any time for a full refund of the purchase price (excluding shipping charges).

Guaranteed Analysis (minimum per gram)

Enterococcus faecium: 1 x 108 CFU*

Total Lactic Acid Bacteria**: 2  x 108 CFU*

*Colony Forming Units

**Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus

Other Ingredients: Dried Poultry Liver, Maltodextrin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Sucrose, Silicon Dioxide, Salt, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin E Supplement, Zinc Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Ferrous Sulfate, Copper Proteinate, Taurine, and Sodium Alumino Silicate

I buy this in the biggest size!

5 stars

I have 7 Sphynx cats and battled diahhrea for over a year with several of them, even after several courses of antibiotics. My vet recommended that I add FortiFlora to their diets, but once I discovered IntellFloria on the PSC Pets site, I tried it instead, and their stools have been "c**p-tastic" ever since. Highly recommend this product and add it to their dry food daily.

Review by K/J on 3/14/14

Very happy

5 stars

I've always used FortiFlora in the past, and this works just as well at a much better price. Very glad to have found it!

Review by Heather on 2/28/14


5 stars

I was looking for a cheaper alternative to FortiFlora and PSCPets IntelliFlora is it! It works great and the dogs seem to like the flavor of IntelliFlora over FortiFlora.

Review by Nicole on 2/20/14

better alternative than fortiflora!

5 stars

we had bought fortiflora for a few years then found this product. what an awesome product! Bella has stomach issues and the fortiflora worked good, but after trying the intelliflora what a big difference. less issues with diarrhea than with the fortiflora we will continue using and telling others about the savings and results of using intelliflora over fortiflora.

Review by chris on 2/18/14


5 stars

Works great, better then FortiFlora & my dogs likes it better also.

Review by Nancy on 10/16/13

It Works!!

5 stars

We have an adopted Australian Shepherd that developed bad diarrhea a few months after we brought her home. Since we changed her diet and began adding Intelliflora to her food, she has not had a loose stool. It does a wonderful job!! We tried the other brands but still had occasional loose stools. Intelliflora has been a lifesaver for us!!

Review by Amy on 10/11/13

Excellent Product

5 stars

We purchased this product for our dog who has a shortened intestine due to surgery. It has helped him tremendously to get back to a regular digestive process.

Review by Darin on 9/29/13

Helps with digestive upsets well

5 stars

I have been ordering this product for 2 years and it keeps tummy troubles at bay. It has vitamins that are in it which is a plus to me.

Review by April on 9/10/13

My cat actually ate it!

5 stars

I was impressed that my cat eat it to begin with and even more impressed when it stopped her diarrhea. This is the product I will purchase from now on.

Review by Danielle on 8/27/13

A+ product

5 stars

we have eleven cats. the oldest is 12 years old and the youngest is 2 years old. one cat has digestive issues and needs to have a laxative mixed in her food. I sprinkle the intelliflora on her food and she runs to her plate and licks the plate clean. the rest of the cats have their ups and downs with throwing up hairballs and eating too fast. now I sprinkle their canned food with intelliflora and they eat the soft food first and do not gobble the dry food. previously they gobbled the dry food and then brought it back up (on the carpet!).

intelliflora is vast improvement over the other digestive aids that are out on the market including fortiflora that is made from deceased animals. intelliflora has a pleasant smell and is made from a liver base. you can also use as much or as little as you need. I buy the large size that I use twice a day and it has lasted me months.

Review by sandi on 8/19/13

excellent product

5 stars

Not only does my dog prefer the taste, I've noticed an improvement with her IBS compared to similar products.

Review by Cynthia on 7/14/13

Great results and my cat loves it

5 stars

My cat had loose movements and a limited appetite. Since adding IntelliFlora to his diet, he's had a much better appetite and normal stools. His energy level is up and his coat has a beautiful sheen.

Review by JOHN on 3/30/13

Great low price product!

5 stars

My toy poodle has a sensitive stomach. If I don't give her probiotics daily she throws up her food. I've given her Fortiflora for years. It worked & she loved it but it is so expensive. I am so happy I found PSCPets IntelliFlora! My dog loves it & it helps her just as much as the expensive stuff! Thank you Probiotic Smart!

Review by Nicole on 3/23/13

Intelliflora is the best!

5 stars

My cat has always had runny stool and a resulting dirty bottom that I had to wipe daily. That is, until I discovered Intelliflora. I noticed results almost immediately. She is now clean and her stools are formed and firm. She never even noticed that I mixed it with her food, she just gobbled it up.

I highly recommend this product!

Review by Diane on 2/22/13

Very Satisfied :)

5 stars

I am one very satisfied person. My dogs have been using IntelliFlora since Nov . My oldest dog who is 8 yrs old was the one who was having major stomach issues & having bouts of diarrhea often isn't any longer. Plus you can tell by looking at her & the way she acts that she is feeling better. She acts like a dog who is much younger than 8. My younger dog who was having some diarrhea problems hasn't had a problem since Nov.

Review by Marlene on 1/31/13

cats really like it!

5 stars

I've been very happy with this product. I sprinkle it on top of their canned food and it makes them eat better. They are now spoiled and want it always sprinkled on top before they eat. I'd say it's good if you have a cat who is finicky or old/underweight. Price is better than Forti-Flora, it has more different kind of probiotics in it, and no animal digest.

Review by Suzanne on 1/12/13

Great Stuff

5 stars

My cats love this sprinkled on their dry cat food. My 13lb cat was having loose stools, and he wasn't enjoying his IAMS as much as he was in eating 'junk' food, so I thought I would give this a try, for his stomach at least. Since sprinkling this once a day on his dry food, he runs to eat his IAMS and the loose stools have stopped. So it's a win-win situation!

Review by She on 1/2/13

Awesome Product

5 stars

I started giving this to my Japanese Chin because she seemed prone to diarrhea. Then when my Rat Terrier developed diarrhea I gave it to her and it cleared up in a couple days. Now my Beagle has diarrhea and I am sure that this product will clear it up in a couple days. I am even considering buying the large jar because it still costs a lot less than taking all three to the veterinarian.

Review by Erin on 12/28/12


5 stars

I ordered IntelliFlora for our 6 year old mutt Henry, he was suffering from a bad stomach. I tried IntelliFlora and it first it didn't seem like it was doing anything. After about four days of use, Henry was more energetic and I thought, "someone's feeling better!". It did take a couple days to see the benefits, but once we did we are very satisfied.

Review by Chris P. on 10/22/12

Worked Nicely

5 stars

Found this was cheaper than FortiFlora and decided to give it a try. It worked nicely and we're IntelliFlora people now

Review by Curtis on 10/15/12

We LOVE this product!

5 stars

My dog has suffered with diarrhea on and off for years! We are the typical group that's tried EVERYTHING with little to no success. Finally a friend recommended IntelliFlora to me and low and behold it worked like charm! We are so very satisfied with this product and would recommend it to anyone whose dog has the same problem!

Review by Emily B. on 10/15/12

Awesome Stuff

5 stars

Wow. All I can say is wow. This product is just awesome. The quality is excellent and my dogs are so used to it they won't eat until it's sprinkled on their food. I guess it's just become part of the meal to them which is so awesome. It was so hard to find a supplement for their digestion that they would actually take without turning their nose up. I'm so totally greatful for this product and to PSCPets.com

Review by tex on 10/10/12

So happy to find this product!

5 stars

I am so happy to find this product for my brothers boxer. He has been suffering from diarrhea on an off for as long as we can remember. I feel like we have tried everything and nothing worked. We had tried FortiFlora and it worked really well, but this product works, period. Plus I pay less!

Review by Jessica H on 10/10/12

Thanks for making a great product!

5 stars

Thanks for making a great product. Because of the quality of Intelliflora, my cat's "eye condition" has cleared up and is maintained by daily use of your probiotic. I've used others, but have stuck with Intelliflora for many months now, and I consider it a daily staple for my senior cat's continued good health. Too often people like to complain, but I like to send kudos to those companies deserving as yours.

Review by Tessa on 9/26/12

Good product, great price

4 stars

Seems like a good product, been using the more expensive kind my vet sells sometimes, and this sometimes since it has more types of bacteria. My 2 kittens' constant loose stools seem to gradually be improving, slightly. I am going to add some digestive enzyme supplements as well, and see how that goes...... I did notice that if I give my kittens the full scoop, it seems like their gas gets worse-- since they are little, about 1/2 a scoop seems to be appropriate.

Review by Krista on 8/22/12

My Dogs and I Both Love this Product!

5 stars

The first time I used this product it was an instant success! Both of my dogs thought it was an extra treat that was added to their food and didn't think twice about eating it. Plus, we live on a hobby farm and you never know what the boys get into while out on their various adventures and this product has help the stool inconsistencies as well, which makes cleaning up the yard so much easier. I would recommend this product to anyone!

Review by Shannon on 8/3/12

Fixed my cat

5 stars

My cat was throwing up 3 to 4 times per week despite eating high quality natural cat food (though the food has fixed other problems). I got a sample of Intelliflora in my last order and to my amazement the puking started to subside! I bought a full bottle and now sprinkle it on my cat's food daily. She hasn't vomited since. Excellent work on this supplement.

Review by Ronni B. on 8/3/12

My cat loves it...THAT is a miracle!

5 stars

My 15 year old siamese mix is THE most finicky cat in the world. About 8 months ago, she fell ill. The veterinarian recommended that we "put her down" due to a large mass in her lung. Being that she didn't get the chance to say goodbye to her best buddy, our 11 year old German Shepherd mix dog, we took her home for what we thought would be one last time.

During this critical period, we began to give her probiotics and a calorie supplement. Suddenly, a couple of days later, she began to improve! Over the course of the next two weeks, she managed to gain some weight back...in fact, she became achieved an even healthier weight level than prior to her illness.

A couple of months ago, I started giving her IntelliFlora for digestion & immune system functioning. I was skeptical at first as to whether or not she would eat a powder-based probiotic supplement. At first, I was mixing it in with soft food (which is more of a "treat" to her as she primarily eats kibble)...to my surprise, she gobbled it all up. In fact, she meows at me every morning, more or less saying "Dad! Give me my probiotics!!!"

This morning, we were out of soft food with which to mix the probiotics with, but she was still meowing at me to give her some. So, I thought "why not try giving her the IntelliFlora mixed with her hard food?" That's what I did, and she ate it all! This might not sound like a big deal, but if you knew my cat you would understand why it is!

This is a great product, and I honestly believe that it is the best probiotic supplement available on the market. Not only do I give it to my cat, I also give it to our dog. Fortunately, IntelliFlora has the best price when compared to other probiotics on the market as well.

A++ and 2 paw-thumbs up!

Review by Josh G on 8/3/12

Must be yummy

4 stars

My cat turned his nose up at every probiotic I tried to give him. But this stuff he likes. And it is helping with his hinky tummy. Good stuff.

Review by Skeeziks Mom on 8/3/12

Great Product

5 stars

Sadie, my Great Dane/Boxer has had a few digestive problems. She is very active, needs at least two runs daily, sometimes more and still wants playtime...she is 1-1/2 years and almost 80 lbs. Since she has a tremendous appetite and gets more than her share of treats daily, her stools are not as solid as they should be and she also requires anal expression approximately every other month.
Since I have been adding IntelliFlora to her breakfast daily, no more problems with diarrhea, however, we will continue to include in Sadie's diet on a maintenance program.
Thank you for a great product.

Review by lori on 8/3/12

Great alternative to the product I've been using

5 stars

I ordered Intelliflora after looking for a similar product online for a price that was cheaper than my vet offers. I found this, a comparable but even BETTER product, for a lower price. Besides the quality of ingredients I prefer the scoopable powder to the individual packets of the other product. I will definitely be ordering again soon.

Review by Aimee on 8/3/12

Great product for great price

5 stars

This product worked great! Helped my little labbie get her digestive system on the right track! I will order again if needed in the future.

Review by Janette on 8/3/12

Excellent product for my cat Baby!

5 stars

Baby has an abdominal condition that is not fully understood by my various veterinarians he has seen in three states, and for the last 3 years we have tried various products to stopped his runny stools. He has almost died twice.

This product is excellent because it is so comprehensive. He has only been taking it for one month but I have seen some changes already. His stools are firmer. PLUS, he will lick the powder from on top of the food! It is great! And he is a picky eater.

I am very grateful for this product and so is Baby. Thank you. :-)

Review by Chelsea on 8/3/12

Fabulous product

5 stars

Our dog, Darcy, has colitis and has been on Flortiflora since she was a year old ( 5 years now). We're thrilled that Intelliflora works exactly the same for less money. You can't even tell we changed her probiotic. We're on our second order and have also referred a few of her friends to you. Thank you!!

Review by Michelle on 8/3/12

Great product and super service!

5 stars

My dog's IBD has greatly improved with the use of IntellaFlora. Service is excellent: fast shipping and receipt of orders. Highly recommend both product and seller!!!

Review by grancyssis on 8/3/12

Wonderful Product

5 stars

My cat was having some serious digestive problems with diarrhea over a 4 day period. I took a stool sample to the Vet and it came back negative for everything. Morgan the cat 11-12 years old has been diagnosed with some type of inflammatory bowel disease.

After just 2 days of using Intelliflora all symptoms are gone and normal stools not once but twice a day. He is feeling much better.

He and his cat buddy Max both love the taste, and demand that I spinkle it on there food. Great product!

Review by Lawrence on 8/3/12

No more problems, new dog

5 stars

My Eskie has always had runny stools. My vet sold me foriflora, and told me to use kaopectate along with it. I messed up my password & had to call in. The girl I got was telling me about Intelliflora. This is the best product I have ever had for runny stools, this is my 4th dog. Not only are her stools firm, after the second bottle she acts years younger and now plays most of the day. I no longer use Kaopectate since I am using this product. This has got to be the best product on the market.

Review by bonniebill@centurylink.net on 8/3/12

Great product seems to be doing just what they said.

5 stars

My cat "Paka" is a 14 year old American Bobtail purebred. For years he's been a 21+ lb kitty..... As he got older he seemed to lose his belly fat. Now a mere 10 lbs and having runny stools, I took him to his Vet. for blood work. Everything checks out fine. I E-mailed probioticsmart for questions about Paka's situation. they recommended Intelliflora. and it seems to be doing it's job.
Thanks again.


Review by Jay on 8/3/12


5 stars

I've been purchasing IntelliFlora for a while now because it really helps control my dachshund's IBS. In addition, this company offers quick, dependable service. Will continue to buy IntelliFlora from ProbioticSmart.com!!!!

Review by Diane on 8/3/12

Lifesaver for 16-year old large dog!

5 stars

Our 16-year old Duke is an EXTREMELY picky eater. This summer after a bout with life-threatening diarrhea, we started him on Probiocin Gel. That brought him back!

Now, he gets IntelliFlora daily,. Unfortunately, he won't eat any kind of tablets, but likes the IntelliFlora powder mixed in with his meds in his daily "special treat". He licks the bowl clean! I won't miss a single day giving him this live-saving powder.

Review by Beverly on 8/3/12

Great product

5 stars

I puchased Intelliflora for one of my cats who had severe diarrhea. After taking him to the Vet for fecals to rule out the cause. They were all negative. He was diagnosed with a form of IBS. Within 36 hours of using the product his distress was completely over, with normal bowel movents since, now over a months use.
The taste must be great also, since he and his partner cat both demand that I sprinkle it in their food wet or dry.
This is one wonderful product., I would recommend it to all cat parents for increasing thier felines better nutrition and good health.

Review by Lawrence on 8/3/12

Very satisfied

5 stars

My cat has been on Intelliflora for two weeks and is tolerating it very well. I like the ease of putting it on his food and he likes the taste.
Your customer service representative was very helpful and walked me through the process of loging in and signing up for the review points.

Review by Lillian on 8/3/12

Great for older dogs

5 stars

My 14-yr old greyhound has more energy and has a better appetite while using this product. I highly recommend it!

Review by Jill on 8/3/12

great product

5 stars

My dog loves this he actually eats his food now he is still a bit fussy but if you would have seen him before. I really love this product.

Review by alise on 8/3/12

Wonderful Product

5 stars

Intelliflora is such a wonderful product that I had to reorder and continue it's use for my 2 cats. It is now helping one of my cats to shed some weight, about 1 pound over 6 weeks. My other cat is older with health problems and he has now added a pound of weight to his body after lossing as much to illness. Love Intelliflora!

Review by Lawrence on 8/3/12

Really Works!

5 stars

This product really helps my dog with IBS. I use it daily. The service from PSCPets is fast and dependable. Couldn't be happier.

Review by Senior Sister on 8/3/12

Cats like it, visible improvement

4 stars

Had a cat that was losing weight, IntelliFlora helped him get back to a healthy weight. And his coat looks great.

Review by Christine on 8/3/12


5 stars

Our Cavalier has been on FortiFlora for years. We switched her to Intelliflora and she is doing great. Everything comes so quickly and we are thrilled to save money.

Review by Michelle on 8/3/12

Works Great

5 stars

IntelliFlora helps our elder cat with her appetite.

Review by Ron on 8/3/12

Good alternative option

5 stars

I was using other probiotic powders for my cat's terrible gas problem, and came across a sample of this. It worked just as well, and is a little less cost. I've been using it ever since. Cat doesn't seem to mind the change, and she doesn't stink up the room anymore!

Review by Matt on 8/3/12


5 stars

Excellent product that is much more cost effective than other brands. Having two dogs both with sensitive digestive systems can be frustrating and pricy. My pups have been using this brand since October and we have seen a dramatic improvement. I would definitely recommend this product.

Review by Corina on 8/3/12

Wonderful Product

5 stars

My cats experienced horrible and intense intestinal difficulties after my carpeted living room flooded following the rupture of a 90-gallon salt-water fish tank. Two of them endured 24-hour-a-day hospitalization for over a week (vomiting and eliminating blood), and we could not get their watery stools stablized for a VERY long time, no matter what antibiotics or other treatments we tried. My vet recommended the addition of Fortiflora to their food every day, and they have been on that regimen for over 2 years. However, not long ago, I discovered Intelliflora, and added that to their diet as well. Since the addition of the Intelliflora, I have seen NOTICEABLE gains in their health, energy level, and ability to digest food and hold weight. I highly recommend this supplement.

Review by kj on 8/3/12

Intelliflora rocks!

5 stars

What a find, learning about this probiotic. We had been using Fortiflora, from this very site, which has the best price anywhere, if you must know. Our Belgian needs the product, as recommended by our vet. I was even prepared to write a "PAWsitive" review for it, until you suggested we try INTELLIFLORA.. Not only does it double up the probiotics, it utilizes four strains instead of one with additional vitamin supplements, and NO animal digest.
A HUGE PLUS (+).. Within three days we saw an improvement in our girl, and our vet was very pleased with INTELLIFLORA. Usually they don't deviate from what they routinely sell, but not so with this suggestion. The product has all the right stuff. The right direction in the amounts used IN the product, (up) as well as a reduction in COST of the price of the product.
Delivery is lightning fast too! I don't go out of my way to submit reviews, but what a relief it is, that this product is helping our girl after such a short time. Trust me we have looked at all the possibilities out there, and this one not only makes sense, it works! That is the main thing.
Thank you!

Review by Ecollage on 8/3/12

Great results

5 stars

We have a dog who obviously suffers from digestive upset, but thankfully we have found a product that HELPS! Thanks to you for suggesting INTELLIFLORA. Having tried other probiotics that use things I would rather NOT have my dog ingest, both my Vet & I are confident this product had merit, but seeing my dog 'take' to it, ON her food, was the 1st hurdle, But, then mainly, seeing IT WORK on my dog in a very short time (plusses in a few days time) was enough for us to order a 3 months supply for starters. Thank you for the additional discounts too. EVERY little bit helps, esp. When you have a pet who has special needs. bRAVo!

Review by Melinda on 8/3/12

My cat had no problem switching from the more expensive Fortiflora to IntellifFlora

5 stars

I switched my cat from Fortiflora to Intelliflora. He had no problem making the change and his intestinal problems have greatly improved.

Review by Lillian on 8/3/12

Works Great!

5 stars

Switched from Fortiflora to Intelliflora and the results were amazing! Fortiflora never seemed to help my dog very much and the amount you had to mix with food was excessive. Intelliflora only requires a very tiny scoop which is easy to mix with food.

Review by Terry on 8/3/12

Didn't work well for my dog

1 stars

I had used FortiFlora with my senior dog, and was eager to try the benefits of Intelliflora (higher counts of active cultures). Unfortunately the product did not agree with his sensitive stomach. PSCPets.com was super to let me return the rest of the product and go back to FortiFlora, so I appreciate the excellent customer service.

Review by KB on 8/3/12

Great product

5 stars

My 4 year old boxer was diagnosed with stage III renal failure a year ago along with some digestive problems, our vet recommended Fortiflor along with renal mp food, we began using the Fortiflor with positive results ordering through pscpets. A sample of IntelliFlora came with our order of FlortiFlor so asked our vet if we could try it after getting a thumbs up from the vet we tried it and our girl is holding her own and gaining weight! Couldn't have asked for a better product!!

Review by Cheryl on 8/3/12

great product

5 stars

my dog has ibs and the med the vet gave me were so expensive. I tried this since it was cheaper and was basically the same product. It worked great almost better the the one the vet gave him.

Review by danielle on 8/3/12


4 stars

My cat has IBS and this products really helps, not to mention my vet was selling me Forteflora at $2.00 per little packet...(30 packets per box @ $60) I found this online and my cat likes it better because he doesn't like the beef flavor in the Florteflora..and less expensive, you says it doesn't pay to shop around !!!

Review by Pooh on 8/3/12

Love this product!!

5 stars

My older dog has had tummy trouble for years and this did the trick!! No more diarrhea and she seems happier and more active. Works great and balances their intestinal flora.

Review by Ms. Haynes on 8/3/12

Works Great!

5 stars

I have a 2-yr old Bull Terrier. Switched from Fortiflora to Intelliflora and the results were amazing! Fortiflora didn't seem to work at all, and the amount you had to mix with food was a lot. Intelliflora only requires a very tiny scoop which is easy to mix with food

Review by Harley Dude on 8/3/12

Excellent product

4 stars

I have an 5 yr. old 18 lb. American Bombay male cat who has an extremely delicate digestive system. Very loose stools and odors until vet put him on a pro-biotic (brand name) and very expensive.
I have 2-cats feeding from the same source and multiple litter boxes cleaned 2/day.
I switched to a sample of Intelliflora several months ago when I purchase a re-supply of (name brand) and tried it. Both cats consumed Intelliflora and I have found it tightened up his stools and reduced the offense odors along with him using the litter boxes as opposed to the outside patio. I have purchased a 3-month supply and will continue to use this product as it appears to preform better and is less expensive. Will review again after 3 months to see if it continues to show benefits. Like the 1 gram dispenser better then the individual packets.

Review by Davedee on 8/3/12

So worth it

5 stars

I have a one year old collie who was having bouts of diarrhea, some bad enough that he had take a course of antibiotics. I started him on Fortiflora on the advice of my vet, and it helped a little bit. I did some research online and found Intelliflora, which not only has more probiotic content, but also does NOT have animal digest. Just a day or two after starting my dog on Intelliflora, his diarrhea disappeared and has not returned. In addition, there is MUCH less packaging. The bottle is recyclable and one doesn't have to mess around with little envelopes, so you can manage the amount you want to use. Basically - this stuff is really good. Can't recommend it enough if your dog has digestive issues.

Review by Great stuff on 8/3/12


5 stars

As a veterinary hospice nurse I often find that the patient is being over medicated and also being spoiled to death...literally, by well meaning but misguided owners. Owners think spoiling the dog in it's terminal state with all the foods it loves but has been denied due to health reasons is okay. Interestingly, if the case is truly not end stage then I have found that a new and better diet plan including pro-biotics, along with other enrichments, can improve an ill patients qualtiy of life, even fo the short term. With Intelliflora I have seen dogs' health and vitality turn around in 12 to 24 hours. This is not to say that pro-biotics will cure the disease or help every dog. However, it is my experience that dogs who are on a myriad of medications and most recently antibiotics, who are suffering from diarrhea with little response to prescription meds can possibly benefit from the addition of Intelliflora to their diet. I love the powder form because it's not another pill to add to the already huge arsenal of pills being taken by a sick puppy!
(always consult your veterinarian before adding anything to your pet's medical regime).

Review by Grey Muzzle on 8/3/12

Great product!

5 stars

Love the product - my girls have delicate systems, so I am always happy to find something that will help them feel good and healthy. I have had some issues with the measuring thing within the bottle, it seems to flip out spilling some of the product whenever I open the bottle. It is me or have others encountered the same issue?

Review by Georgie on 8/3/12

Great product for my kitty!

5 stars

One of my two cats has always had loose stools, which also resulted in her walking around with a messy rear end. I tried some enzymatic stuff I found at a super pet store -- did nothing.

Then I found Intelliflora -- received a sample, I forget how. Within a week my cat started having way better, firmer stools and her bottom cleaned up as well.

Very, very impressed with Intelliflora! I'm so glad I tried this product before the vet emptied my bank account out with tests, trial foods, etc, etc etc. Thank you!

Review by Beanie on 8/3/12

Excellent product

5 stars

I finally found something that helps my fifteen year old dog's sporadic digestive issues!

Review by Bambi's mom on 8/3/12

Great alternative to brand name

5 stars

I had been using Purina's version of digestive supplements but decided to try PSCPets IntelliFlora. I'm glad I did. The dogs love it just as much as the more expensive version. I won't be wasting my money on brand names. I'll stick to the PSCPets brand and use the savings to buy toys for the "kids"!

Review by Shelly on 8/3/12

Excellent product! Easy to use!

5 stars

I love not having to open individiual packets and it allows me to adjust the dosage as needed. Works just as well, if not better, than competitor brands.

Review by Fisher Furballs on 8/3/12

best product ever

5 stars

This is the 3rd time I've ordered this product, it's great. My two cats receive about 1/2 scoup every other day as aregular course. I give them 1 scoop-one gram- if the get diarreha. After a day it's usually regular bowel movement again. Darn the lizards, etc. that they insist on chasing.

Review by Law on 8/3/12

My dog likes it while not liking other probiotics

5 stars

My dog is very picky and I had to throw other probiotics on his food while he was eating because he didn't like them. With this probiotic, he eats his food with it on with no fuss. With his sensitive stomach, I'm glad I found a probiotic he does not turn his nose up at.

Review by DHGiz on 8/3/12

Great product

4 stars

My dogs and cats like intelliflora a lot. One of my dogs has food sensitivities and easily gets an upset stomach. This does wonders very quickly with his loose stool. I plan to always have some of this on hand!

Review by Hadley79 on 8/3/12

Great stuff!

5 stars

My finicky cat either didn't even notice, or he likes the flavor of Intelliflora. It has really helped firm up his stools. The cat has had diarrhea for years, no more... Thank you!

Review by Cecil's mom on 8/3/12

Works great!

5 stars

I love that Intelliflora doesn't have animal digest. My pets don't seem to mind the flavor change at all. My two dogs and 6 cats all like it. One of my dogs actually needs it due to food sensitivities. WIth the recalls, we've had to change his food and Intelliflora works like magic to control very watery stools. Highly recommend.

Review by Britt on 8/3/12

help post-antibiotic treatment

5 stars

I am glad to have a good quality Probiotic always on hand. I have 2 senior dogs and various ailments crop up that require antibiotic therapy. The Intelliflora immediately brings tham back in balance.

Review by Grey Muzzle on 8/3/12

Money well spent

5 stars

Both of my cats get this product in their food once a day. My male cat has had issues with his digestion and since starting with FortiFlora, then using Intell/Flora now (much more economical) he has had no issues. Our little female eats it too, just because it's in the food. They both eat the food right up and appear to enjoy this supplement. I highly recommend it if you cat has bowel issues. I have been using it for over 2 years and will do so for as long as they live! Good poop is happy poop!

Review by Sandy on 8/3/12

Better than Fortiflora

5 stars

This stuff really works well. The fact that it only requires a small scoop mixed with food is really a plus!

Review by Harley Dude on 8/3/12

Better than Fortiflora

5 stars

Works great! Small scoop required is a big plus

Review by Terry on 8/3/12

Only thing that works

5 stars

My dog Wallace is a nervous nelly and constantly suffers from diarrhea due to his stress. I was referred to this site by my vet who recommended fortiflora, but after reading the comparison between fortiflora and intelliflora it was an easy decision. Since I started giving Wally intelliflora his BMs are the most formed they've ever been. He enjoys the taste and I enjoy the result.

Review by Emily on 8/3/12

Intelliflora experience

5 stars

I had been introduced to Fortiflora and decided to switch to Intelliflora after one of my dogs suffered from a bought of food poisoning.It worked famously. He was feeling better in a couple days. My dogs are 13 and 10 and have continued this as part of their everyday regimen.

Review by Vicki on 8/3/12

IntelliFlora has added months, if not years, to his quality of life

5 stars

Teddy is a 13-year-old, 60 pound designed original. We refer to him as the flat-footed, sway-back, bow-legged boy with a rear club foot. As he has aged, regularity became a significant issue. Since we have been using IntelliFlora (at the recommendation of our vet), he has become far more regular and more in control. I honestly believe that it has added months, if not years, to his quality of life (and mine).

Review by Teddy Bear on 8/3/12


5 stars

Our Yorkie was on Fortiflora as prescribed by the vet for recurrent tummy issues. I switched to IntelliFlora after reading reviews (it was also less expensive and easier to use) What a difference in our little guy's daily life. Won't skip a meal without adding this now and I always have an extra container for travel. He seems to love his food now since we've been adding Fortiflora. Thanks!

Review by CLM on 8/3/12


5 stars

I was recommended this product by the breeder of my two Scottish Terriers. My problem was one of them especially he had a hard time with regularity. I also noticed that there was often times that his stool was inconsistent as well. I'm a firm believer that this product, used on a daily basis, created Regularity and consistency quickly. It has now become a daily additiv to their dinners.

Review by KarenS on 8/3/12

Better than Forti Flora!

5 stars

I wasn't at all sure about trying this product since I have used "Forti Flora" by Purina for both of my dogs daily for approximately 3 years with good results. The sample of IntelliFlora arrived with some other products I purchased from PSCPets.com. With the sample there were some educational materials comparing ingredients and the cost of IntelliFlora with FortaFlora. I researched the ingredients. The combination of the "better ingredients" along with the lower price made me curious to try IntelliFlora. I'm so glad I did because this product is superior to what I was using and costs less. It has been a win/win situation!

Review by RHONDA on 8/2/12

Only thing that helped.

5 stars

My dog Wallace constantly has what's referred to as nervous diarrhea. I couldn't find anything to help him over come the stress that is put on his intestines due to all his nerves until someone recoomended fortiflora. I originally signed on to try that and then found this. Not only has it helped him to have more solid BMs on a regular basis but it is much better than the leading competitors nutrition wise. I give it to him everyday and have seen a remarkable improvement. He loves the taste of it and I love the result.

Review by Emily on 7/15/12

works great

4 stars

My vet recommended this product to help my dog who is on chemo medications and always had the diarrhea. The product has worked great.

Review by Great product on 7/6/12

Wonderful Product!

5 stars

Had cats suffering from diarrhea that nothing seemed to help, not antibiotics, not switching to a limited ingredient diet, NOTHING ... until I tried this product, that is! Now all four cats have properly formed stools and are holding their weight nicely. I add it to their dry kibble daily. They love it, and their all-around health has greatly improved. Highly recommended!

Review by kj on 6/11/12

It's a success!

5 stars

I wanted to update my review on this product. I've been using it for over 6 weeks now and seems to help keep my kitty regular for the first time in years. Easier to use than the other higher priced one, and seems to work just as well. Great price here too. The shipping rate is VERY reasonable and with my points earned for each person, I can deduct from my total bill which saves more MONEY! I am so glad to find this site and especially this product. Works great!

Review by KLM on 5/31/12

Excellent Product

5 stars

I received a sample of this and was reluctant to change from FortiFlora which my cat, who was 17 and had not been eating, loved. However, he liked this just as well and it provides more nutrition for less price.

Review by Lucky 1 on 5/3/12

Definite Improvement on my 16 yr old cat

4 stars

I started using a form of this, in a higher priced "packet" type for my 16 yr old cat who had terrible smelling poo which was very runny. That seemed to help slightly. Then I ran into this cheaper, and EASIER to use by PSCPets and have seen DRAMATIC improvement overall. My cat is picky so I hide this in his wet food every morning and he doesn't seem to mind. This is not only cheaper but seems to work better and easy to dispense. Very pleased and will continue to order this one instead! I gave 4 stars because I've only been using this for a couple weeks. Time will tell...

Review by KLM on 4/16/12

Great product

5 stars

My dog is very fickle but when you put this on his food he cleans the bowl. Love this product.

Review by sayalise on 3/21/12

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