Pet oral care is an important aspect of overall pet health care... one that is often overlooked. Proper dental hygiene will help keep your pet from acquiring diseases that affect not only the mouth, such as periodontal disease and gingivitis, but other diseases that lead to more serious health problems such as heart, lung and kidney disease.

You might not realize it, but dental hygiene for you pet doesn't mean you need to reach into your pet's mouth daily with a toothbrush and spend 10 minutes scrubbing their teeth, although you definitely can! It can be as easy as adding a supplement to your pet's drinking water, or using a quick spray each day. You can keep your pet’s mouth healthy by using any of the following products, but it’s also a good idea to see a veterinarian for a full dental checkup every once in a while. If you notice that your pet’s breath is especially foul or detect loose teeth or bleeding gums, you should make an appointment with the vet. Get a jump start on pet oral care today!

Oral Care for Pets

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