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  1. Agrilabs Deliver, 4.4 kg

    Agrilabs Deliver - 4.4 kg pail

    Deliver is a nutritional supplement for calves that provides Electrolytes, Dextrose And Fluids When Mixed With Water.
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  2. 5 Way Scour Bolus - 25ct

    5 Way Scour Bolus - 25ct

    5-Way Calf Scour Bolus is an oral formulation containing oxytetracycline, a broad-spectrum antibiotic that possesses a high order of stability and potent antimicrobial activity, for use in beef and dairy calves.
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  3. Agrilabs Bloat Release

    Agrilabs Bloat Release

    Relieve your cattle, sheep, or goat of bloating issues from rumens with Agrilabs Bloat Release. To be used as an aid in the treatment of frothy bloat in ruminants and also as a fecal softener.
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