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  1. Probios Precise

    Probios Precise

    Probios® Precise is a stabilized source of Enterococcus faecium and Saccharomyces cerevisiae microbials.  Add Probios Precise to your dairy or beef ration to help manage rumen pH levels and maintain dry matter intakes in livestock during times of stress, at freshening, and ration changes. Probios Precise is best used in a TMR with a lower inclusion rate of 2 grams/serving. Probios Precise Farm Pak can be used in a TMR or it can be top dressed over food with a higher inclusion rate of 14 grams/serving. *This item takes longer to ship, as it is packaged per order.
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  2. Probios Dispersible Powder

    Probios Dispersible Powder

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    Probios Dispersable Powder is an easy-to-feed probiotic supplement that is beneficial for all species of animals. It utilizes probiotics to assist the digestive system in breaking down and assimilating nutrients effectively, and it also supports the immune system.
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  3. Probios Max Oral Gel

    Probios Max Oral Gel

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    Probios MAX delivers a high dose of one of the most trusted sources of direct fed microbials on the market along with vitamins C and E for antioxidant support. This product helps support proper digestion and bowel health in all classes of ruminants including beef, dairy, sheep, goats and horses, all in a convenient gel.
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  4. Probios Oral Boluses for Ruminants

    Probios Oral Boluses for Ruminants

    Probios Oral Boluses for Ruminants™ contains four species of live naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria and should be used on any ruminant to help maintain bowel health during times of stress.
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