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  1. Probios Poultry Soluble (5 gram - Treats 5, 000 Birds at a Time!)

    Probios Poultry Soluble (5 gram - Treats 5, 000 Birds at a Time!)

    Probios Soluble Inoculant for Poultry is a stabilized, water-soluble microbial source to be used during times of stress to help maintain normal appetite and digestion, and also improve feed conversion for increased growth.   This product expires 6/13.
    As low as:$11.49

  2. Probios Dispersible Powder

    Probios Dispersible Powder

    5 stars
    Probios Dispersable Powder is an easy-to-feed probiotic supplement that is beneficial for all species of animals. It utilizes probiotics to assist the digestive system in breaking down and assimilating nutrients effectively, and it also supports the immune system.
    As low as:$10.66

  3. Poultry ProVita - 60gm

    Poultry ProVita - 60gm

    Vets Plus, Inc., Poultry ProVita is a specifically formulated product for backyard poultry providing a concentrated source of vitamins, direct-fed microbials (probiotics) and prebiotic Inulin, in a readily available form for all classes of poultry.  
    As low as:$7.68

  4. Probiotic Power

    Probiotic Power

    5 stars
    Probiotic Power is a water soluble powder containing direct fed microbials and vitamins, yeast, and inulin. It helps maintain proper gut flora and digestion during times of stress.
    As low as:$35.23

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