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  1. Probios Poultry Soluble (5 gram - Treats 5, 000 Birds at a Time!)

    Probios Poultry Soluble (5 gram - Treats 5, 000 Birds at a Time!)

    Probios Soluble Inoculant for Poultry is a stabilized, water-soluble microbial source to be used during times of stress to help maintain normal appetite and digestion, and also improve feed conversion for increased growth.   This product expires 6/13.
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  2. Probiotic Power

    Probiotic Power

    5 stars
    Probiotic Power is a water soluble powder containing direct fed microbials and vitamins, yeast, and inulin. It helps maintain proper gut flora and digestion during times of stress.
    As low as:$136.55

  3. All-Pro Biotic

    All-Pro Biotic

     All-Pro Biotic TM is used for cattle, swine, poultry, sheep, and horses as a concentrated sources of  stabilized oral direct fed microbial source along with yeast cultures.
    As low as:$21.96

  4. Revitilyte Gelling

    Revitilyte Gelling

    5 stars
    Revitilyte-Gelling is a ready-to-mix supplement that provides nutrients along with a thickening agent to slow fluid loss and assist in a more efficient recovery. This unique electrolyte product contains the amino acid Glycine, which helps in nutrient absorption. When given as directed, it replaces fluids and electrolytes, corrects acidosis, and provides energy.
    As low as:$2.04

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