Quickbayt Spot Spray

  • Named one of the Top Ten New Products at World Ag Expo
  • Easy to use: just mix with water and spray where you need it
  • Treats places conventional granular baits can’t reach

Designed to lure house flies and effectively exterminate. Start killing flies after 60 seconds so that you can rest easy in your fly free space. QuickBait is easy to apply and can last up to six weeks indoors. Contains two powerful highly powerful attractants to ensure effectiveness.

Bayer HealthCare Quickbayt Spot Spray R-T-FAR362G
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  • Ideal for poultry houses, dairy barns, swine facilities, feedlots and horse stables
  • Features the proven active ingredient imidacloprid
  • Contains two specially formulated fly attractants to lure flies
  • Contains Bitrex®, an extremely bitter substance to help deter accidental ingestion by children and animals
  • Outdoor residual efficacy up to 14 days unless the bait is completely consumed prior
  • In animal facilities and protected areas, residual efficacy can last up to 6 weeks unless the bait is completely consumed
  • Dries virtually clear on all surfaces
  • Controls house flies resistant to organophosphates, carbamates, and pyrethroid insecticides

Brand QuickBayt
Manufacturer Bayer HealthCare
Size 3 oz or 1 lb
Size Options N/A
Cost/Feeding No
Product Condition new

For use in: broiler houses, turkey houses, caged layer houses, feedlots, dairy barns, swine confinement buildings, horse stables, kennels, and other animal confinement facilities where house flies tend to be a nuisance or a health hazard.

Spray application (3 oz):
Spray diluted product where house flies aggregate: on walls, around windows, on surfaces of pillars and other structures, etc. For best results, apply product in spots of 3 to 12 sq. ft. where house flies tend to rest. If treating spots 10 sq. ft. in size, you can apply up to 50 such bait spots in a building with 1,000 sq. ft. of floor space without exceeding the limit of 8 ounces of product for a building of this size.

Spray application (1 lb)
Easy to apply. Just mix and spot-spray problem areas. One gal of finished spray will treat 1,000 sq ft of fly- resting surfaces. For best results, make a number of spot sprays throughout the facility (the whole area doesn’t need to be treated)


1-[(6-Chloro-3-pyridinyl)methyl]-N nitro-2-imidazolidinimine10.0%
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